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Augmented Reality for Business in 2020

December 14, 2019

The business landscape is continually evolving and with it, so does marketing technology. An excellent marketing plan, is a well rounded marketing plan. This means that businesses should not just focus on one form of marketing. From social media marketing to SEO and to more traditional forms, Businesses should always include a wide range of delivery methods to reach potential customers.

Marketing Strategies for Success

The main focus of course should be to utilise the channels that provide a high return on investment. One channel that has opened itself up only recently is the use of Augmented Reality for business. In previous years AR just hasn’t been smooth enough from an effective marketing perspective. Clunky UX and slow, laboured experiences meant AR just wasn’t good enough for consumer use yet.

However in 2020, Augmented Reality is at a point that it can be effectively used in business and brand marketing. What we’re witnessing is very rare. A brand new technology that has been bubbling at the edge for so long, is finally ready to be utilised by marketing professionals. The very term of ‘experiential marketing’ is about to be flipped on it’s head. A storm is coming. A very exciting and creative storm.

Augmented Reality for Business in 2020
Augmented Reality in Business Marketing

Where is Augmented Reality in Business is Going

In 2019 we saw brands dip their toes into this tech. Brands like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nationwide and Ryderwear all pioneering the use of the technology. In 2020, we can say for certain that Augmented Reality will be used by the majority of big business. As mainstream adoption continues, brands will scramble to use this tech in their own unique ways.

Research giant, Gartner predicts that AR will maintain the largest market share due to its business applications when compared to VR.

Gartner analyst, Brian Blau said: “The result will be a plethora of new computing experiences that drive increased productivity across many industries, improved effectiveness of individuals in their work, and exciting new developments in the leisure, entertainment and retail sectors”

Gartner Augmented Reality Business Research
Gartner Augmented Reality Research

How Do Businesses Get There?

Augmented Reality agencies like Aircards provide a route in for businesses to launch engaging AR marketing experiences in 2020. Aircards is at the forefront of developing and deploying custom Augmented Reality marketing campaigns for big household name brands.

Aircards Head of Digital Advertising, Michael Watson says:

“What we’re seeing is unprecedented. The sheer volumes of enquiries from large blue chip companies coming to us with the strong desire to innovate is brilliant. Businesses are being daring and sometimes bold. Maybe it’s the excitement of the technology’s possibilities or maybe it’s people recognising the consumers ever increasing demand for more engaging and creative experiences.”
Aircards Provides Augmented Reality to Business
Aircards Provides Augmented Reality to Business

What Makes Aircards Different?

It’s accessibility and usability of the experience. No restrictions, frictionless Augmented Reality.

Head of AR Development, Adin Gold said:

“Our AR technology is app-less. What does this mean? It means that consumers don’t need to waste time downloading an app from an App Store just to view an AR experience. Every experience we develop is compatible with iOS and Android device cameras. Consumers are literally 3 taps away from consuming engaging brand content.“

Are you interested in using Augmented Reality within your business in 2020?

Go to to find out how you can deploy a custom AR campaign for your business and drive outstanding ROI whilst blowing the minds of your consumers.