Augmented Reality Case Study


EE & Rita Ora Experience
AR Mini Concert

The EE Rita Ora AR campaign is an exciting immersive experience which leverages the power of Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR), developed and deployed by Aircards.

3d animation

An engaging and highly innovative example of Web-based Augmented Reality, which is enhanced through the speed and reliability of 5G technology.

The Objective

To deploy 3D Rita into a WebAR experience for a consumer focused campaign to promote EE 5G technology. We were tasked to take 3D animations of Rita Ora created by Happy Giant and deploy in a user-friendly WebAR experience.

The Strategy

Our expert design team optimised and converted the existing 3D files so that they were compatible for a WebAR environment. We worked closely with the EE team to deliver a wide online distribution strategy, which included paid social advertising across EE social channels as well as a link in Rita's Instagram stories to her 16 million followers.

The Results

The experience was a significant success, handling the sizeable influx in traffic from Rita's Instagram promotion with ease. The client was delighted with the effortless scalability and success of the multi-channel distribution strategy.

  • 85,000+ AR Activations
  • 3m 20s Average Dwell Time within the experience
  • 13.2% Click-through Rate

The high average dwell time is a testament to the engaging nature of the technology. Consumers were spending time to replay the experience 2-3 times.

Experience dwell time coupled with a CTR of just over 13% shows that once consumers had finished engaging with the experience, a large proportion then clicked through to the EE landing page to learn more.

These results are a great example of how an engaging WebAR experience can drive powerful and very tangible results for a brand.

Experience Features

This highly innovative WebAR experience included the following features

EE & Rita Ora Experience
WebAR Feature

Screen Recording Functionality

Users could record their mini dancing AR Rita and share their video to friends and family

WebAR Feature

Multi-platform Deployment

The experience was activated from multiple social media delivery channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

WebAR Feature

Advanced Analytics Provison

All experience data was captured to track the performance of the campaign