Augmented Reality Case Study

Golden Road Brewing

L.A. Dodgers Celebration
Face Filter

AB InBev owned brand, Golden Road Brewing brought the L.A. Dodgers World Series celebrations to their fans with a Web-based Augmented Reality face filter for fans to share on social media.

face filter

The face filter opens with a “Raise A Can To The Champs” page, which features the Dodgers Blonde Ale. The face filter puts a L.A. Dodgers cap on the user and prompts them to “Tap To Celebrate!” Once tapped, a can of Dodgers Blonde Ale appears, opens and sprays beer. The crowd cheers and confetti in the shape of baseballs, the Dodgers logo and beer cans fall around the user.

Fans can click to take a selfie to share on their social media platforms. The filter also features a “Redeem Rebate” button which takes users to an interactive Dodgers blue map, which directs users to the nearest bar or store that sells Dodgers Blonde Ale. To redeem a rebate, the link takes users to another site,, to receive the promotional deal, where fans get a $7 rebate on a 15 pack of beer.

The Objective

To develop a fun and engaging WebAR face filter for Golden Road Brewing to help L.A Dodgers fans celebrate the World Series win. This experience needed to include both digital and print activation options.

The Strategy

Working with the Golden Road brand team, we came up with the concept for users to be able to virtually drink a can of Dodgers Blonde Ale which triggered falling LA Dodgers logo confetti! Dodgers fans could tap to take a photo or video of them celebrating with the filter and share to social media. They could also tap to redeem a rebate coupon, which activated a custom map integration to show their nearest physical store location. There were two primary modes of distribution; social media and a custom branded QR code printed within a newspaper ad in the L.A Times.

The Results

  • 1m 28s average dwell time
  • 18% Click-through rate
  • Featured in the L.A. Times

As is a common trend with WebAR experiences, the average dwell time was impressive. With an average of approx. 1 minute and 30 seconds within the experience per user, Dodger fans spent time to have fun with the face filter, replay multiple times & view the custom map.

The CTA button to redeem a unique rebate performed extremely well, with a CTR of ~18.1%. Users were able to seamlessly navigate to their nearest physical store location, using our custom map integration.

Experience Features

This highly innovative WebAR experience included the following features

L.A. Dodgers Celebration
WebAR Feature

Custom Map Integration

Custom branded map within the experience which directed fans to their nearest Golden Road stockist

WebAR Feature

3D Modelling & Animation

Custom 3D modelling and animation throughout the experience

WebAR Feature

Advanced Analytics Provision

Granular analytics reporting, including city by city data to monitor best-performing areas