Augmented Reality Case Study

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE Primera Promotion

Working with HPE, Aircards created an Augmented Reality experience embedded into a printed flyer to promote the launch of HPE Primera.

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The Objective

To engage and increase awareness within their existing customer base around the launch of a new software product, HPE Primera.

The Strategy

An innovative Direct Mail campaign using postcards that come to life through Augmented Reality. Using an A6 size postcard that would be sent to engage a targeted group of pre-existing HPE software customers, with 100 senior employees receiving the AR postcard.

  • WebAR solution - no app download required
  • AR activated via either QR code scan or unique URL visit
  • Initial pre-roll webpage for users to select chosen experience e.g. mountains, beach, country
  • Image tracking enabled so 2D video mirrors perspective of postcard
  • Added value through custom Call-to-Action buttons that drive users to promotional microsite
“What we’ve created is an outstanding example of innovative WebAR marketing, ensuring that viewers don’t have to download an app to view the experience. Just like all of our campaigns, the viewer simply uses their smartphone to activate the experience in the mobile web browser.”

Michael Watson, Head of Digital Advertising

The Results

  • Increased sales of HPE Primera product
  • 55% engagement rate (QR code scans)
  • 160% interaction rate (button taps within the experience)
  • 41.18% click-through rate from within the experience to brand landing page
  • 2min 25sec average dwell time

HPE were delighted with the results of this campaign, with a high interaction rate among postcard recipients and an extremely strong click-through rate as compared to other digital channels. The high dwell-time shows that users were engaging with the experience - and therefore the HPE brand. We’re already planning the next project -  an A3 Printed Calendar project in AR.

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Experience Features

This highly innovative WebAR experience included the following features

HPE Primera Promotion
WebAR Feature

Image Tracking

WebAR Feature

QR Code Activation

WebAR Feature

Advanced Analytics Provison