The Objective

To engage internal employees, stakeholders and partners with an Augmented Reality holiday greetings card. Something to leave a lasting memory and ultimately increase internal buy-in going into 2020.

Nationwide Augmented Reality Holiday Greetings Card

Our Big Idea

To use a personalised Holiday greetings video embedded into a standard size postcard print, targeting internal teams to provide a sense of seasonal fun!

  • WebAR solution - so no app download required
  • AR activated via either QR code scan or unique URL visit
  • Personalised greetings video
  • Image tracking enabled so 2D video mirrors perspective of postcard
  • Customised Nationwide branding

The Results

The Nationwide team were blown away by the experience. This was a company-wide first, to send an Augmented Reality piece of print marketing material to clients and partners. Delighted with this experience, the team are already in the planning stages of another Aircards AR campaign for 2020.

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