Rather than participating in the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, Samsung pivoted their latest product launches to virtual-only events. Samsung and their media partners worked together to deliver a truly unique and immersive live streamed experience. This included live Web-based Augmented Reality product demonstrations created by the experienced WebAR development team at Aircards.

The objective

To provide an interactive and engaging Web AR experience for use within the Samsung #LifeUnstoppable virtual event.

The strategy

Showcase the upcoming Samsung product range in full 3D Web-based Augmented Reality. Viewers should be able to activate the experiences directly from the livestream and view select products in 3D from within their own home. Custom animations associated with each product experience to increase interactivity.

The results

We created a highly-engaging and user friendly experience that viewers could activate directly from QR codes displayed throughout the virtual event. Our Augmented Reality was one of the most impressive elements to the event, and this is shown through the results and the press post-event.

  • 1352 Web AR activations
  • 26% engagement rate
  • 2m 43s average dwell time viewing products in Web AR
  • 293% increase in event engagement on previous year

The Web AR elements within the 'Life Unstoppable' event were mentioned in most press articles.

The experience helped the Samsung event to stand out from the crowd when it comes to virtual product launches. The engagement rate and dwell times show how engaging this type of content really is. The experiences we create grab the consumers full and undivided attention.