The Alnwick Garden

The Objective

To use WebAR to create an interactive, digital experience within the printed Spring/Summer brochure for top UK tourist attraction, Alnwick Garden. The experience was to incorporate pre-existing 2D video content that the Alnwick Garden team wanted to push out to a wider audience.

Our Big Idea

Working in collaboration with the creative team at Alnwick Garden to create a seamless relationship between the brochure graphic design and the pre-existing video content. Once scanned, an entire page of the brochure would come to life and display the video content so that the user could have an engaging, digital experience through a traditional print asset. 

  • WebAR solution - so no app download required
  • AR activated via either QR code scan or unique URL click
  • Used pre-existing 2D video content
  • Customised branding elements
  • Customised ‘Learn more’ CTA button to Alnwick Garden website

The Results

The Alnwick Garden team are excited to distribute this engaging WebAR piece, though this was delayed due to COVID-19. Watch this space for campaign results at the end of the Summer period. 

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