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What is AR technology?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the real-time compositing of digital assets onto the real world. Currently, AR technology is primarily used within handheld electronic applications like smartphones, and in some cases through wearable headsets. Need clarification? Watch a demo here.

What is an Aircard?

Aircards are physical cards, with integrated Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Aircards are initiated by scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera, which launches the AR experience in your mobile web browser. Our image tracking technology is used to play a video or animation on the physical Aircard in front of you.

How can I use an Aircard?

Aircards can be used in the place of virtually any traditional 2D printed material. Print advertising is one area where Aircards are proving to be truly game-changing. Imagine interactive flyers, magazines and posters that spring to life, and eye-catching new product launches - all powered through Aircards technology.

Do I need to download an app to view an Aircard?

No way! We use cutting-edge cloud-based AR technology, which means that Aircards require absolutely no 3rd party app download to view. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera, and point your phone at the Aircard to activate the AR experience. Only three taps required.

What do I actually receive when I order an Aircard?

After you provide us with your existing graphic, flyer, poster, or business card design file, we’ll add a QR code to it that initiates your bespoke Aircards AR experience. Then, we train our computer vision algorithm to recognize your Aircard design. We will then send you a final Aircard design file (in PDF format) which will be ready for printing!

What do I need to provide in order to receive my Aircard?

For standard 2D Aircard experiences, we require:

1. A 2D vector design file which you’d like to turn into an Aircard (Illustrator [.ai] file type preferred). We recommend graphics with standard ISO dimensions (A1, A2, A3, etc.)

2. The HD video that you wish to augment. We recommend a length of 30 seconds or less for speedy load times. For our standard A5 Aircard, we recommend a 4:3 video aspect ratio.

3. The text and link for your custom Call-to-Action (CTA) button. For example: “Order an Aircard!”, www.aircards.co

4. Your logo, in PNG format, with a transparent background. We will use this to brand your Aircard (optional).

For 3D Aircard experiences, reach out to us for more detailed information. If you do not have existing assets, no worries! Our design team can create all of the above, for an additional fee.
Reach out with your design ideas and we’ll give you a quote.

What is image tracking?

Image tracking is a key ingredient to each Aircard. After the QR code is scanned to initiate the AR experience, your Aircard graphic (or “image target”) is processed by our computer vision technology to augment your Aircard. Watch a demo of image tracking.

Why should I be interested in Aircards?

Aircards are a groundbreaking evolution in the world of engaging digital content. Whether you're an advertiser looking to find exciting new ways to engage your audience, or a publisher looking to bring your printed material to life, Aircards have the power to amaze.

Are Aircards only 2D experiences?

No, not at all! Our Web AR technology allows for for mind-blowing 3D experiences too! If you're interested in a 3D experience for your Aircard, just let us know.

Do you provide printed Aircards?

No, we typically provide solely an Aircard design file with an integrated QR code and activation instructions. This Aircard design file is your final image target, and is ready to be printed! If you need help with print production and distribution, we provide direct mail services in collaboration with our friends at matter, for an additional fee.

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