Here at Aircards, we provide a fully end-to-end service for the creation of outstanding immersive experiences, including: consultation, ideation, design, development and hosting and analytics.

We create custom immersive experiences with highly innovative features - we are focused on engaging and delighting audiences with content. Choosing to work with Aircards is choosing to work with the brightest and best in immersive today.


We possess the leading team of expert developers with outstanding credentials and a highly successful history of delivering highly custom projects for Enterprise brands.

Experts across many web-based frameworks
Leading-edge creator of ‘Metaverse’ experiences
Skilled creators of real-time multiplayer gaming experiences
Fully custom Avatar integrations
Cross platform support (mobile, desktop, headset)
Custom CMS and API connections

3D Modelling /

We possess a highly talented and experienced 3D design team, uniquely skilled at delivering 3D assets that are optimised specifically for immersive environments.

Experts in creating 3D assets for the web
Leading-edge creator of ‘Metaverse’ 3D environments
Proprietary pipelines for 3D asset conversion
Includes optimisation of existing high-poly assets to web compatible
Talented design team who create fully custom assets

Cloud Hosting

We have an extensive knowledge base of creating infrastructure and cloud hosting environments for the seamless global delivery of immersive experiences.

Utilize market-leading cloud hosting provider (AWS)
Stable, Secure and Reliable cloud hosting infrastructure
99.9% network uptime
Rapid content delivery using global cloudfront network
Ability to host on client cloud infrastructure

Advanced Performance

It’s a core part of our service provision to provide a detailed suite of performance analytics for all experiences, ensuring that we can track, measure and demonstrate ROI.

Custom dashboard for web analytics
Metrics include: users, interactions, geo-location & more
Possess also a proprietary platform for 3D analytics
Ensures we’re leading-edge provider of analytics for the Metaverse
Track user behaviour within custom 3D environments


Our in-house design team is skilled at creating detailed User Experience (UX) wireframes and polished User Interface (UI) builds.

Detailed UX wireframing for web experiences
Fully custom and branded UI designs
Custom asset creation
Custom iconography
User research and A/B testing

Are you a brand?

Are you a brand looking for an innovative experience or campaign? We can take you through the whole lifecycle - ideation, design, development, cloud hosting, and a sophisticated suite of analytics.

Are you an agency?

Are you an agency looking to create an innovative WebXR campaign for your own client? We regularly work with agency partners to deliver outstanding results for their clients. We’d be delighted to become your specialist immersive development partner.