We build and deploy web based Augmented Reality experiences

Redefining the limits of mixed reality on the web

The web is a powerful place.

Current web technology unlocks a new breed of immersive experiences, extending beyond the 2D web into 3D.

At Aircards, we harness web-based augmented reality (WebAR) and web-based virtual reality (WebVR) to create outstanding interactive experiences for our clients. Our rock-star team of developers and creatives have built WebXR projects for the world's biggest brands - including Warner Bros, Microsoft, Pepsi & many more.

We pride ourselves on being the team that makes things happen.

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3D and 2D design

WebXR development

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Web-based Mixed Reality experience that gave gaming fans the opportunity to explore Westmarch in WebVR.



With their student focused in-person ‘StreetFest!’ event cancelled due to the pandemic, Simon Fraser University (SFU) collaborated with Aircards to deliver a highly innovative virtual replacement.



The Haribo Happiness Hunt was a super fun AR-powered scavenger hunt which tasked families and kids to discover and collect a range of 3D Haribo sweets hidden around the Augmented Reality scene!



Leveraging the power of Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR), the experience transports users out of their homes and all the way to Times Square, enabling them to discover a range of amazing shows currently playing on Broadway.



Aircards created the NICEverse, a highly innovative WebXR gaming platform for NICE, a leading global software company. Enabling over 7,500 NICE employees to login securely and compete in a variety of Web-based Mixed Reality mini-games.



Multi-layered WebXR portal experience which takes fans on an immersive storytelling journey.

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What is the metaverse? 
We view it as the intersection of virtual worlds, 3D avatars, AR portals, digital collectibles, and more. Our multi-disciplined production team is perfectly balanced to guide you on your journey through the metaverse. Is your passport ready?

We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in WebXR gaming - we created the world’s first cross-platform multiplayer AR game, Summit Scramble. We have created mini-games for a wide variety of brands, with gameplay functionality limited only by imagination. 

We’re market-leading experts in creating WebXR portal experiences, opening up entrances to transport audiences into rich virtual worlds. We’ve created portals for Verizon, NHL, PwC & many more. 

Web-based XR is cross-platform compatible - we have created experiences which deliver across mobile, desktop and VR/AR headsets. Reach audiences across multiple platforms and increase your campaign reach. 

Our proprietary 3D analytics software, Metalitix™ changes the way in which you’re able to analyze the performance of AR/VR experiences. Google Analytics was created for the 2D web, Metalitix™ has been created for the 3D web.


The growth of popularity in Web3 is driven in part by a vision of the internet that is more decentralized and requires users to hand over less personal information to large companies. 

Our team has led in the development of Web3 experiences for a variety of clients, typically at the convergence of WebXR, Blockchain, NFTs and Artificial Intelligence. 


FMCG WebAR Experiences

Our work with consumer goods giant Unilever, alongside drinks brands like DIAGEO and Bacardi demonstrate our ability to transform traditional static product packaging into engaging digital experiences.


Entertainment WebXR Experience

We’ve worked across the Entertainment sector delivering unique Web-based immersive experiences - check out our work with Rita Ora; Pepsi Superbowl Halftime Show ft The Weeknd; Broadway; Pokemon & many more. 


Sports Web XR Experience

We’ve created a range of innovative fan engagement experiences utilising WebXR, including for the likes of Seattle Kraken (NHL), NFL, Manchester City and LA Galaxy. The technology enables audiences to get closer to the game through immersive content. 


For technology companies like Dell Technologies, Nutanix and Samsung, WebXR represents the latest innovative content channel to engage with their audience and provide immersive content which is both engaging and informative. Our experiences can be distributed across literally any channel or platform with a weblink. 


When the pandemic hit, brands had to pivot quickly. Working with organisations like Pot Noodle and Simon Fraser University, we've created a suite of virtual events platforms that can be rolled out for your next virtual event.


"…we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Aircards to design, build and lead the NICEverse campaign. The Aircards team was super creative, highly responsive, fun to work with, and committed to delivering on time. All these led to an extraordinary success."

Nir Keinan, VP Human Resources at NICE

"After having to cancel our on-campus alternative careers fair, we thought that executing an exceptional virtual experience to replace it would be tough in the 6-week timeframe - but working with Aircards was super slick and made the whole process so easy!"

Connie Stovell, Brand Manager, Unilever

"With much of our community working and studying remotely, many are struggling with isolation, stress, and anxiety. The platform that Aircards provided for our university allowed us a rare opportunity to strengthen valuable social connections and connect with our community during these unprecedented times."

Mark McLaughlin, Chief Commercial Services Officer, Simon Fraser University

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Are you a brand?

Are you a brand looking for an innovative WebXR campaign? We can take you through the whole lifecycle - ideation, design, development, cloud hosting, and a sophisticated suite of analytics.

Are you an agency?

Are you an agency looking to create an innovative WebXR campaign for your own client? We regularly work with agency partners to deliver outstanding results for their clients. We’d be delighted to become your specialist WebXR development partner.


What kind of services do you offer?

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Here at Aircards, we provide a fully end-to-end service for the creation of outstanding WebXR experiences, including: consultation, ideation, design, development and hosting and analytics.

What is WebAR and WebVR?

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WebAR and WebVR are short-hand terms for Web-based Augmented Reality and Web-based Virtual Reality. This technology utilises the mobile web browser to deliver immersive content to users. They don’t require an app download to view the content, instead giving users instant access via a simple web link. With no app download required, the barrier to entry is extremely low - meaning the technology is ideal for consumer campaigns.

What is the difference between WebAR and WebVR?

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Augmented Reality overlays digital content into the users own physical world, most commonly using the user mobile camera feed. Virtual Reality transports users into an entirely new digital world, so they can no longer see their own physical environment.

What is WebXR?

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WebXR is short-hand for Web-based Mixed Reality, which incorporates both WebAR and WebVR.

Where are you based?

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With offices both in North America and the UK, and we regularly work globally with companies around the globe. We're a flexible and fast-moving team. No matter where you are in the world, we can launch a campaign with you, to your target destination.

Can WebXR marketing drive ROI?

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Absolutely. That should always be the consideration when planning your WebXR marketing campaign. Our team carefully place CTA's within the WebXR experience to drive click-throughs to the destination of choice. As an experiential medium, WebXR drives high engagement rates, and this subsequently leads to high click-through rates within the experience.

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