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Apple Vision Pro Production Agency: Brand Experiences On Vision Pro

February 27, 2024

A brief overview of what Apple Vision Pro is and its capabilities in creating immersive experiences.

Apple made a long awaited entrance into the mixed reality space with the launch of Apple Vision Pro, generating a wave of excitement. 

The device effectively introduces the novel concept of personalised spatial computing, creating a digital work and play environment within the physical space around the end user. Aircards, a creative technology company, is at the forefront of leveraging this ground-breaking technology through its Apple Vision Pro production agency arm.

The device has a range of powerful features, such as exceptionally high resolution displays, advanced spatial audio and intuitive eye & hand tracking

Through leveraging the Apple Vision Pro, businesses can create unique immersive experiences which captivates their audience in a highly immersive and interactive environment.

Meet Our Team: Pioneers in Apple Vision Pro Experiences

Introducing our elite Apple Vision Pro Development team, highlighting their expertise and why they are uniquely positioned to support brands and businesses with exploration and development for this device.

Apple Vision Pro Developer Agency

Tavius Koktavy

With over six years of immersive development experience, Tavius innovates on the R&D team. His work is driven by three core values of augmented reality: Contextual Awareness, Persistence, and Agency. These pillars guide the process of building digital experiences that deeply understand and naturally interact with physical reality. The result? Joyful projects that "turn up the brightness" of the world.

Apple Vision Pro Agency

Kristian Zadlo 

Kristian’s education, focusing on product design, augmented reality, and machine learning, bridges technical and creative realms ideal for innovative XR development. Since 2018, Kristian has been turning creative thoughts into products, moving to specialize in XR for Android, iOS, and web over the last three years. His notable work features a Snapchat AR lens that garnered 200 million interactions in a year. Additionally, he has developed groundbreaking machine learning models that have enabled new object tracking techniques in XR and have streamlined tasks previously taking 1000 man-hours. His algorithms also advance analytics in XR, boosting the industry's value and advancing Aircards experiences. Kristian's skills in productizing, AR, and machine learning make him a great ally for businesses venturing into Apple Vision Pro development.

Aurelio Puerta Martin

Apple Vision Pro Development Agency

As a self-defined creative technologist, he has a passion for exploring the potential of new gadgets, transforming his imagination into reality through innovative experimentation. His journey in the XR domain has been marked by hands-on experience with a wide array of devices, from the Quest 1 creating multi-user eCommerce apps to Hololens 2 with a Hazard prevention virtual training. 

Portfolio Highlights: Innovative Apple Vision Pro Demos

Showcasing recent demo examples that highlight the team's capability in delivering cutting-edge experiences on the Apple Vision Pro platform.

Apple Vision Pro eCommerce Example

The future of immersive shopping with Apple Vision Pro is so exciting.  See this example of grabbing 3D products out of the webpage to view in your own space. Our team is already mapping out a variety of exciting virtual store experiences that leverage the power of the Apple Vision Pro.  

Apple Vision Pro Gamification Example

Our team created this demo to showcase the real-time meshing capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro. The gamification possibilities with the Apple Vision Pro are extremely exciting and we anticipate that mixed reality gaming will become a compelling aspect of using this device. 

Apple Vision Pro Car Demo

See the impressive mixed reality capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro with this 3D supercar demo, showcasing high resolution graphics rendering. The Apple Vision Pro will enable automotive companies to put a significant new spin on virtual showroom experiences.

Immersive Analytics: Measuring behaviours in Apple Vision Pro using Metalitix

More information on how businesses can use Metalitix as a tool to measure and analyse user behaviours in Apple Vision Pro experiences 

Through leveraging the Apple Vision Pro, businesses can create unique immersive experiences which captivates their audience in a highly immersive and interactive environment.

As a Spatial Analytics tool, Metalitix is perfectly positioned to provide immediate insights on Spatial Computing experiences. As this new medium emerges, businesses will need to adapt their online experience as quickly as possible and optimise their digital experiences. Metalitix is the leading analytics solution for Spatial Computing. 

By utilising Metalitix you will be able to understand exactly how your users are interacting with your brands or products. It will provide aggregated insights with the utilisation of heatmaps and user positioning relative to the scene, environment or model. It also provides a sessions playback to uncover trends and behaviours on an individual level, whilst quantifying these events in a customisable dashboard.  

Get Started with Your Apple Vision Pro Experience: Next Steps

How to initiate a project, including our consultation, project scoping, and other initial steps

At our core, our team are genuine people with a passion for building immersive experiences that excite and engage. We pride ourselves on being the team that makes things happen to the highest standards because we love what we do and thrive to push innovation and creativity for our partners. We provide an end-to-end service for Apple Vision Pro experience build, including consultation; ideation; design; development; hosting & analytics.

Our trusted process follows the following principles: 

Step 1: Strategy 

Developing a common definition, creative vision and ideation

Step 2: Vision 

UI & UX definition, creative direction & strategy

Step 3: Scoping

Understanding what can be done & where across various technologies. Define the roadmap

Step 4: Production 

Creative design, technical production, deployment, test and repeat 

Step 5: Analysis & Tracking

Using our proprietary analytics tools like Metalitix to provide valuable experience insights 

Reach out to our team to get started with an Apple Vision Pro experience.