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13 Examples of Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing

September 22, 2020

Traditionally, experiential marketing is a live interaction between a brand and its audience. But with Augmented Reality, every form of marketing can now be transformed into an interactive experience.  Best of all, Web AR technology makes it accessible to everyone without the need to download an app. That is why companies big and small are now investing in Augmented Reality, to take their marketing to the next level.

12 Best Examples of Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing

In these examples, you’ll see everything from AR print marketing to live AR events and everything in between. Though this list is extensive, it is far from comprehensive. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Augmented Reality marketing.

1. Pot Noodle Careers Fair

It’s only right to start this list of experiential marketing examples with a live event. Pot Noodle, along with Gradbay, launched a virtual Careers Fair. The original live event was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, but that didn’t stop Pot Noodle from delivering a memorable and highly successful event. 

2. Nutanix Virtual Event Space

Also not letting the pandemic get in the way of progress, Nutanix launched a virtual expo booth. Since it can be accessed anywhere in the world, it reached a far bigger audience than the live event ever could. 

3. Bon V!V OOH Campaign

Bon V!V hit the streets with their Augmented Reality experiential marketing campaign. They used AR to transform a city wall into a virtual vending machine that dispensed its tasty Spiked Seltzer.

4. Dell Technologies Live Event

With their international conference cancelled, Dell Technologies turned to Augmented Reality experiential marketing. Despite stay at home orders, Dell brought the planned live experience to those sheltering in place. It was another example of Dell’s forward-thinking ingenuity.

5. Vodafone Special Offer

Vodafone transformed traditional print marketing into an interactive experience. They say the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and that’s exactly what Vodafone did with their “Unwrap lunch on Us” AR campaign. 

6. Alnwick Garden Brochure

The Alnwick Garden created an AR brochure to showcase what the gardens have on offer for their visitors. The images come to life as a waterfall cascades down the postcard and butterflies flit across. Putting The Alnwick Garden at the top of people’s lists of places to visit. 

7. The Motley Fool Choose Your Retirement

What better way to get people to plan for retirement than to show them what it can hold? The Motley Fool did just that by turning a postcard into a portal to the future. 

8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Product Launch

Augmented Reality experiential marketing can target an existing audience as well. Hewlett Packard Enterprise used AR to inform both employees and existing clients of their latest product launch. It was fun, interactive, and informative!  

9. Boot Barn Printed Commercial

Boot Barn also used Augmented Reality experiential marketing for the launch of their new fashion line. They merged traditional print marketing with commercial marketing by bringing their postcard to life as an old western video. 

10. Jackson Hogg Recruiting Event

To prove they are the leader in their industry, Jackson Hogg invested in AR material for a national recruiting event. By pointing their phones at the Augmented Reality QR code, event-goers experienced a video introduction to all Jackson Hogg has to offer. 

11. Samsung Virtual Event

Samsung pivoted their latest product launches to virtual-only events. Samsung created a truly unique and immersive livestreamed experience which featured an innovative 3D virtual tour experience around a virtual house filled with the latest Samsung product releases. Viewers could scan the QR code, and see the augmented reality products appear within their home. 

12. Kinder Portal Experience 

While parents shopped, Kinder decided to create an Augmented Reality portal experience in the supermarket for children. By their branded chocolates, passers-by could scan the QR code to activate the AR portal, through the portal door children could see an abundance of safari animals, get up close to them to learn facts. The Kinder portal was an innovative way to engage and interact with a younger audience. 

13. Aircards Interstellar Portal

To prove that not even the sky is the limit with AR, Aircards opened a portal into outer space outside their corporate office. Passers-by could enjoy an interstellar experience with just a click of a button. 

Augmented Reality Marketing Strategy

If you’re not already adding Augmented Reality to your digital marketing strategy, you’re falling behind. Contact Aircards today to see how Augmented Reality can turn every marketing campaign into an interactive experience.