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Enterprise Adoption of Augmented Reality in 2020

January 28, 2020

The turn of the new decade has seen the drastic increase in interest towards Augmented Reality marketing from enterprise customers. For Aircards, this is no surprise. The introduction of WebAR technology in 2019 (in real terms) has brought the ability for business to utilise the technology without the need for developing an app and uploading to the app store. This is where Augmented Reality has previously lagged behind.

But now, companies like Aircards are driving the agenda on Augmented Reality marketing experiences in a way that is seamless, quick, user-friendly and most importantly app-less.

See the below infographic on latest AR stats:

Enterprise Adoption of Augmented Reality in 2020
Aircards: Augmented Reality Enterprise Adoption

What are the stats saying?

  • Dwell time is high for AR experiences. High dwell time means users are taking time to consume brand content. Brands are getting more meaningful engagement.
  • Majority of marketing agency execs have expressed interest in launching an Augmented Reality campaign in 2020.
  • 16 - 34 is the key demographic for AR experiences.

Recent Augmented Reality case studies

Aircards have a selection of client case studies that are super interesting to read. See how Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nationwide Insurance used Aircards technology in innovative campaigns over at the Augmented Reality case studies section.

Are you looking into running an Augmented Reality campaign in 2020?

Get in touch with the Aircards team to discuss your ideas and let our developers bring it to life. Either contact us via the website form or email to get started.