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Web AR Print Marketing Case Study: Boot Barn

May 12, 2020

Aircards was contracted by Boot Barn, America’s largest Western and Work retailer, to promote the launch of their new fashion line through the use of a Web AR print marketing campaign. Boot Barn has 250 stores in more than 30 states with a strong e-commerce presence.  The company was founded more than three decades ago and still holds true to its Western roots.

AR Print Marketing Objective

Boot Barn wanted to draw the attention of their existing customer base to their new Autumn fashion line, Wonderwest. The Wonderwest collection is traditional Western wear with a modern twist. The goal of the campaign was to engage with their customers to improve Brand loyalty while increasing sales for their new product line. 

Web AR Print Marketing Solution

Following the theme of traditional meets modern, Aircards turned to their augmented reality postcards where print marketing meets digital advertising. The traditional part of the design included an attention-grabbing image on the front and a collage of images on the back, highlighting the Wonderwest line. But the back of the postcard also contained an innovative surprise: an augmented reality experience.  

The postcard encouraged the customer to point their phone’s camera at a QR code. When they did, their phone was automatically transformed into an augmented reality device — no app necessary. The flat, printed postcard would then appear as a movie screen, playing a fun Western short film produced by Boot Barn. The short film ends on a cliffhanger of a shootout and automatically opens the Boot Barn Wanderlust page, where the customer can pull the trigger on making a purchase. By using the AR experience gateway, customers also received a featured discount.

AR Print Marketing Case Study Results

The Wonderwest augmented reality postcards were a huge hit with Boot Barn’s customer base. The interactive element elevated a standard print marketing campaign to a whole new level of advertising. Customers were impressed with the ad, and Boot Barn was impressed with the results. 

The AR direct mail campaign for Wonderwest resulted in:

  • Increased sales of the new Wonderwest fashion line
  • Over 30% engagement rate
  • Nearly 40% click-through rate
  • 50 second average dwell time

Traditional print marketing typically has a response rate ranging from 3-7%. But by adding the modern twist of augmented reality, Boot Barn garnered more than 10x the engagement with a 39.25% click-through rate. Sales increased for the new product line, and customer appreciation for the brand further improved. 

In addition to Boot Barn, Aircards has produced augmented reality marketing solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nationwide, Jackson Hogg, and more. Check out their AR case studies.

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality marketing offers high production value coupled with seamless user experience. It’s interactive, effective, and it’s fun! With Aircard’s Web AR technology, customers can instantly engage with a brand without having to download an app. The marketing possibilities are endless with OOH, product packaging, e-commerce, and more. 

Learn more about Aircards app-less augmented reality technology and our services. Contact us today for a free demo or to request pricing.