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9 Awesome Augmented Reality Video Examples

December 1, 2020

Brands can use Augmented Reality for E-commerce, live events, virtual portals, and more. But AR can also be used to transform any printed material into a video screen. In the following 9 examples, we show you how brands turned stagnant marketing into engaging experiences using Augmented Reality videos. 

9 Augmented Reality Video Examples that Brought Brands to Life

From business cards to postcards to billboards, you can bring your brand to life by adding an Augmented Reality video to your marketing material. These brands did just that, and as their case studies show, enjoyed an average 40% engagement rate!

1. Boot Barn Fashion Line Launch

We might as well start this list out with a BANG! The western apparel brand, Boot Barn, drew attention to their new Wonderwest clothing line with this showdown of a postcard. By merging an old western with new AR technology, this launch campaign lassoed in the sales with 50 second average dwell time and 39.25% click-through rates.

2. Alnwick Garden Preview

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are moving pictures worth? Alnwick Garden set out to find out with their interactive brochure. With an Augmented Reality video of their gardens, they brought their brochure to life. Potential visitors see what they are missing and are inspired to visit the beautiful gardens themselves.  

3. Motley Fool Announcement

Motley Fool used an Augmented Reality video to announce an upcoming live event. The event would introduce new investment opportunities for their customers and new business opportunities for Motley Fool. So, viewer engagement was key to the live event’s success. Not only did this AR campaign receive 40.3% engagement, but also 2.08x page views per user and 2 minute dwell time inside the AR experience!

4. Wedding Thank You Card

Your wedding day is a day you’ll never forget. You can ensure others won’t either by transforming a standard thank you postcard into an Augmented Reality video of your big day. That’s what this couple did, and you can bet that their guests are still talking about it. 

5. Jackson Hogg Recruitment 

Jackson Hogg proved they are leaders in their industry by this forward-thinking brochure. In one bold, up-beat Augmented Reality video, they showed businesses what services they could bring to the table. Designed to be handed out at recruitment events, this AR campaign boasts 42% engagement rate, 34% click-through rate, and 35 second average dwell time. The Augmented Reality video clearly set them apart from their competition.

6. Business Card Personal Intro

Imagine being able to effectively introduce yourself and your company in one small card. Well, now you can with Augmented Reality business cards. In this example, you can see how a business card becomes a personalized intro, as well as a direct link to digital information and seamless contact options.

7. 3D Business Card Personal Intro

If you weren’t impressed enough by the previous example, you likely will be with this one. Taking it to another dimension, this 3D Augmented Reality business card has a wow factor that makes you think of a galaxy far, far away. But instead of Princess Leia calling for help, this savvy realtor uses a 3D Augmented Reality video to call attention to his cutting-edge services. 

8. NPS Promo Print Material

What better way to promote printed marketing material than to use printed marketing material? NPS did just that, but also showed their clients that printed materials don’t have to be static marketing tools. They proved that printed materials are still just as effective, if not more than they have ever been.

9. Block Party Invitation

To build hype for a blockchain event, these small cards were distributed to serve as big invites to a ‘Block Party.’ Block Party’s are blockchain-focused events organized by Blocknorth to build and support the industry’s community. With an industry founded on trailblazing technology, it only made sense to promote the event with a dynamic Augmented Reality video.

Types of Augmented Reality Video

The above examples show off 2D and 3D Augmented reality videos, but that’s not all that is available. The more complete list of video types includes:

  • 2D Video
  • 3D Video
  • 4K Video Streaming
  • 360 Video

With the current emergence of 5G mobile networks, brands have even more flexibility on what they can create for their AR campaigns. With the accessibility of Web AR, both big and small businesses can add Augmented Reality to their marketing campaigns. Since no app is required, Augmented Reality experiences can be scaled to different budgets and different sized campaigns. As you saw in the examples, it can be used by young married couples up to international brands.  

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Augmented Reality is changing the marketing world, and brands can now take advantage of the following AR Services:

  • AR Out-of-Home Advertising
  • AR Print Marketing
  • AR Product Packaging
  • AR E-Commerce
  • AR Live Events & Conferences

If you’re looking to elevate your traditional or digital marketing strategy, Aircards can help. As pioneers of Web AR, we can create app-less Augmented Reality experiences to engage your customers and promote your brand. All of the above examples were created by our team of AR and marketing experts. To learn what we can do for you, Contact Us today for a free demo and no-hassle consultation. 

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