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Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas: Food & Beverage

September 17, 2020

The sound of a sizzling skillet. A cold beer being poured into a glass. Ooey gooey cheese stretching from pizza. If only you could infuse these moving sights and sounds into all of your marketing. Oh wait, you can! Augmented Reality is the next best thing to sending your actual food and drinks to your customers.   

Top 5 Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas for Food & Beverage

There are endless recipes for effective AR marketing in the food & beverage industry. Augmented Reality can bring your food and drinks to life, making your customers salivate from the experience. Here are a few of our favorite ideas, but they only scratch the surface. 

augmented reality marketing

1. Sizzling Coupons

Upgrade your traditional coupon marketing with an AR experience. By pointing their phone at an Augmented Reality QR code, customers can transform a coupon into an interactive buffet. Customers can see sizzling dishes or families enjoying the food your promoting. Or, if promoting beverages, you can create the atmosphere the drink connects with: tailgating with beer, a romantic evening with wine, a hot summer day with a cold soft drink. 

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2. Interactive Menus

With the Farm-to-Table movement, people want to know where their food and drinks come from. By adding an Augmented Reality QR code to your menu, you can introduce them to the farmers and show them around the farms. The same is true with beverages, where you can take customers on a virtual tour of a vineyard or brewery.  

3. Place-Your-Next-Order Packaging

Another great Augmented Reality marketing idea is to use your packaging to turn every customer into a recurring customer. Just imagine a wine bottle with an AR-enhanced label. When customers realize they’re down to their last glass, they can simply point their phone to the Augmented Reality QR code and voilà! They can pull another bottle from a virtual wine cellar to be delivered to their door.

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4. Chef-in-a-Box

Don’t just tell your customers how to prepare their food, show them! With Augmented Reality, you can transport a chef into your customer’s kitchen. The chef can teach them a recipe, a technique, or simply thank them for trying your product.  Attach the Augmented Reality experience to product packaging, postcards, or any other marketing platform.

burger king augmented reality marketing

5. Oh Yum OOH

Take Out of Home advertising to the next level with an Augmented Reality marketing campaign. Turn a bus stop ad into a video commercial or a billboard into a movie screen. You can even take a page out of Burger King’s book and use competitors’ ads against them. Their Burn That Ad AR campaign set fire to McDonald’s ads and replaced them with a special Whopper offer. 

Augmented Reality Marketing Strategy

Not sure if Augmented Reality is right for you? Well, you’ll never know unless you try it. In reality, you should be licking your chops because AR receives unparalleled customer engagement (over 40%!). An Augmented Reality marketing strategy can set your brand apart from the competition and capture your customers’ attention like never before. 

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