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Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas: Health & Beauty

September 24, 2020

The beauty of Augmented Reality lies in its versatility and unparalleled ability to attract attention. Realizing its potential, the health & beauty industry is applying AR to marketing like their new shade of lipstick.  From product packaging to virtual makeovers to “sample” videos, the marketing possibilities are endless with Augmented Reality.

Top 3 Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas for Health & Beauty

Augmented Reality marketing is on the rise due to the latest technology called Web AR. Web AR enables users to experience AR without having to download an app or use special hardware. Customers simply point their device’s camera at an Augmented Reality QR code or trigger to automatically launch the experience. It’s easy and it’s fun!

Here are the 3 top ideas to use AR in Health & Beauty Marketing. 

Instructional Product Packaging

augmented reality marketing health and beauty

Instead of just printing how-to-use instructions on labels, brands can now link product packaging to digital information. Whether it be a step-by-step guide, a tutorial video, or different ways to use the product, AR can bring the product packaging to life. By combining technology with product design in this way, you can capitalize on Connected Packaging

Virtual Makeovers

health and beauty AR marking

Health & Beauty giants like L’Oréal and Sephora added Augmented Reality to their makeup kit years ago. They have transformed their eCommerce to include virtual makeovers, where customers can “try on” makeup from the comfort of their home. A customer’s phone screen essentially works like a virtual mirror; customers can see how products look on themselves before moving the item to their shopping cart. 

Now, that same immersive shopping experience is available without an app! Meaning brands of all sizes can now upgrade to AR E-Commerce.

Sample Sachet Videos

health and beauty marketing

Health & Beauty samples have long been a staple in marketing for the industry. Sample sachets are often attached in direct mail catalogs or tossed in with an order. New and existing customers can then try products they might not otherwise consider. By adding AR, the sachet can turn into a projector that shows before and after videos or pictures of customers who have used the product. Or something as simple as customer reviews. 

web ar marketing

Augmented Reality Marketing Strategy

Augmented Reality can be added to any existing marketing strategy, elevating it to the next level. Sometimes the best place to start is with what is already working well, but then make it great with AR.  If you get good results with direct mail, for instance, you can turn the stagnant marketing into an interactive experience with AR. By doing so, case studies show that you’ll elevate your standard 3-7% engagement to 35-45%!

augmented reality marketing

Augmented Reality Ideas for Your Brand

Since you are literally manipulating reality, the sky is the limit with Augmented Reality. From E-Commerce to print marketing and product packaging to OOH, Aircards can help bring your ideas to life.  Contact us today for a free demo and check out our wide range of Augmented Reality Services.  

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