app-less augmented reality

AR Technology Features

Our web-based Augmented Reality technology is truly ground-breaking. Completely app-less and compatible with over 2.9 Billion iOS & Android devices worldwide. Give your customers a truly memorable experience, increase your ROI and innovate in your industry. Our team is ready to deploy our Web AR technology and bring your ideas to life.

Our technology
app-less augmented reality marketing

Web AR Technology

Our Web AR tracking technology uses a smartphone camera to initiate and display Augmented Reality experiences in any iOS or Android mobile web browser.  Our cloud-hosted content is edge-cached globally for rapid content delivery, minimal page load time, and happy users.

Augmented Reality analytic dashboard

Engagement Analytics

Each Web AR experience comes with a user engagement analytics dashboard, where you'll be able to track views, users, average time-on-page, and call-to-action button engagement. Geolocation heatmaps and user location reports are available.

Augmented Reality ads

2D and 3D Content

2D Formats Supported
Standard MP4 Videos
Transparent Videos
Animated Motion Graphics
360° Immersive Video
3D Formats Supported
Static and Animated Models
Matterport Room Scans

augmented reality marketing

Call-To-Action Buttons

The possibilities for engagement are limitless. Our CTA buttons can send pre-composed emails, initiate phone calls, navigate to webpages, send SMS messages, collect contact information and share social media posts.

augmented reality gamification


With our technology, users can interact with your brand in ways previously impossible. Scavenger hunts, ball-toss games, 3D puzzles, remote controlled characters, AR board games... the list goes on. Use our Web AR games to engage and delight your customers in a frictionless way.

augmented reality marketing image targeting

Image Target Tracking

Our tracking framework enables the augmentation of content onto flat or curved images, like business cards, billboards, floor decals, product packaging, bottles and cans. Any graphic or photo can act as an AR marker. Most existing graphics are Web-AR compatible, and QR codes are not required!

location based augmented reality

Location-Based Content

Augment unique content depending on user's location. Show dynamic content basedon an advertisement's location, or geo-fence content to incentivize store visits. Guide users to where they need to go with Web AR navigation. Use location-based AR to help consumers find the reality they're looking for.

Augmented Reality content swap

Realtime Content Swaps

Sometimes things need to change. Easily swap out the content within your AR experience at any time, even after it has been deployed. Reuse already-printed materials for more than one campaign, or update your video to showcase a new concept, with no down-time or user update permission required.

Web AR Activation Methods

We offer several approaches to accessing the webpages where our AR technology exists. The most successful augmented reality campaigns provide clear instructions on how to access the augmented reality experience, and give users a choice of two or more activation methods.

Our technology
app-less augmented reality marketing

QR Codes

Simply open your phone's camera, and scan the QR code to access the AR webpage. We only use QR codes as a way to access the webpage – QR codes are not required for AR tracking!

Augmented Reality analytic dashboard


We offer a short URL with every AR campaign, which should be placed alongside the QR code. This offers users an easy way to access the webpage, if they'd rather not scan a QR code.

Augmented Reality ads

Direct Links

Embed a direct link to your AR webpage within a social media post, email blast, or website. For best results, use multiple channels to spread awareness of the AR content.

augmented reality marketing

NFC Chips

Embed an NFC chip in your printed materials. Users with a compatible phone can simply hold up thier phone to the printed item, and tap "Go" to access the webpage.

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