AR Events and Conferences

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Need an alternative to the live event that you had planned to host? Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology enables you to deliver a virtual replacement that your audience can experience at home.

Engage your audience

Repurpose your event budget and engage your audience with a Augmented Reality event experience.

In-home experiences

Your audience can experience everything from the comfort of their own home.

Immersive content

Deploy a range of content types in AR, including 2D video, 3D animation and volumetric video capture.

Create virtual
events in Web AR

Hosting a virtual event requires the same level of care as an in-person live event. With both, you want to engage your audience, create memorable moments for attendees and prove event success.

Mixed Reality

We developed this Mixed Reality event for Simon Fraser University which utilized a mixture of WebAR, WebVR and virtual spaces to bring students and community members together in a virtual space to socialize and engage.

Augmented Reality 3D Expo
Booths & Conferences

Display a full Augmented Reality Expo booth setup in 3D within the homes of your event attendees. Using Web AR, we can help you give consumers the opportunity to experience a full AR conference or expo in Augmented Reality from the comfort of their own home. Fully customisable experiences, custom branding and analytic tracking available.


Our Web AR campaigns  come with full analytics and performance tracking as standard, meaning that you can track exactly how many users have viewed your products and subsequently gone on to purchase.

Our most common
asked questions.

Can we custom brand the 3D AR booths?

Absolutely! Our 3D artists can create custom 3D assets to your exact specification. We can place custom branding wherever you like.

Is there a limit to the amount of virtual attendees?

No, there is no limit. If you're looking to deploy your AR conference to a million users, our Web AR experiences can handle the volume. There's no fire marshal restrictions in an AR conference or expo!

Can I direct users from social media to the AR event, expo or conference?

Yes! You can link to the experience from either paid social media advertising or simply a link in a social post. The user will be shown clear instruction on how to activate the experience with ease.

Will users have to download an app to experience this?

No. Every Aircards AR experience is developed within Web AR and does not require the user to download an app. Compatible on both iOS and Android operating systems, using the native camera and web-browser.

Are you a brand?

Are you a brand looking for an innovative experience or campaign? We can take you through the whole lifecycle - ideation, design, development, cloud hosting, and a sophisticated suite of analytics.

Are you an agency?

Are you an agency looking to create an innovative WebXR campaign for your own client? We regularly work with agency partners to deliver outstanding results for their clients. We’d be delighted to become your specialist immersive development partner.