AR OOH Advertising

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City billboards, subway posters and bus stop advertising boards are all potential locations for your next Augmented Reality Out-of-home advertising campaign.

Cut Through Noise

Out-of-home advertising is all about catching the consumers eye. What better way to do this than giving them a fun, engaging AR experience to try out.

Increase Brand Awareness

Leave a longer lasting impression with your OOH advertising. Give consumers an experience they won't forget.

Be Innovative

AR within OOH is so new that your competitors most likely haven't launched a campaign yet. Get ahead of the competition and 'wow' your audience.

Advertising with

We're trusted by a wide range of companies, from SME's to Fortune 500 organisations. You're in safe hands.

No Size

From subway posters to huge billboards, there's practically nothing we can't apply an amazing Augmented Reality experience to. If you have something in mind, get in touch and let's start the conversation.


Web AR OOH campaigns lend themselves to increased chance of 'going viral'. Most people that engage with an AR experience are blown away, they want to tell their friends to try it out for themselves.


See how people are engaging with your advertisement, monitor the traffic and use that data to continually improve the performance of your Out-of-home advertising AR campaigns.

Our most common
asked questions.

Are there any print-size restrictions with Augmented Reality?

We haven't yet ran into a size we can't integrate with Augmented Reality. From large posters to building size billboards - we can typically work with most sizes. Get in touch with your size requirements and we can run a compatibility test.

What OOH locations are best suited for AR?

Locations that require consumers to wait for periods of time. Places like train / subway stations, bus stops and city centre locations. The key is to place AR outdoor advertising in areas that is convenient to consume the content.

Does the AR require internet access to work?

Yes, as all of our Augmented Reality experiences are web-based, users will require an internet connection to view the AR experience. This can be either mobile data or WiFi connection.

Will people have to download an app before they can view the AR?

No, there is never any app required. All of our custom AR experiences are developed within Web AR, so that your audience can simply take their iOS or Android device, point the camera and watch the ad come to life!

Are you a brand?

Are you a brand looking for an innovative experience or campaign? We can take you through the whole lifecycle - ideation, design, development, cloud hosting, and a sophisticated suite of analytics.

Are you an agency?

Are you an agency looking to create an innovative WebXR campaign for your own client? We regularly work with agency partners to deliver outstanding results for their clients. We’d be delighted to become your specialist immersive development partner.