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5 Benefits of Augmented Reality Product Packaging

July 9, 2020

“Box Opening” is an ongoing trend that has taken over YouTube. For whatever reason, people are obsessed with watching people unbox products. Unboxing videos prove that creative product packaging is a foundational marketing strategy. And now, with Augmented Reality product packaging, there are even more ways to capitalize on the unboxing trend.  

5 Benefits of Augmented Reality for Product Packaging

Getting your customer excited about the product before they even open the package is akin to vibrant gift wrap on Christmas morning. Product packaging has become a huge part of the customer experience. Augmented reality enables you to transform a customer experience into an interactive brand experience.

Customer Education

Education through augmented reality product packaging
Educate customers through interactive product packaging

Customers will never again throw away product instructions if the instruction manual comes to life before their eyes. With app-less Web AR, customers can point their phone or tablet at your product packaging to automatically activate an interactive instruction manual. They can learn about the product, see how it works, how to put it together, or whatever valuable information you want to pass along to the customer.  

Powerful Storytelling

True marketing isn’t about getting a customer to purchase your product; it’s about getting a customer to purchase your products time and time again. Customer conversion is one of the biggest challenges of marketing, and you want to capitalize on each conversion as much as possible. Augment reality product packaging can help turn that one-time conversion into a loyal customer. This example from The Good Crisp Company, developed by Aircards, gives customers an experience to remember through the storytelling from Santa Clause himself!

Something to Talk About

Friends chatting in a group

The best form of marketing is, and always will be, word of mouth. There is no better way to gain a new customer than to get other customers to talk about your product. Whether it is by literal word of mouth or online reviews, AR product packaging is sure to get customers talking. And, of course, don’t forget about the unboxing video phenomenon. Think of all the YouTube unboxing videos your AR product packaging will inspire!

Save on Simple Packaging Design

Simple design within augmented reality product packaging
Connected Product Packaging

Product packaging can be very expensive. But augmented reality can take very simple product design and transform it into a complex experience. In fact, you can even oversimplify the package design to spark a customer’s curiosity. A simple design with a lure to activate an augmented reality experience will make the fish bite!

Upgradable Content

Augmented Reality Content for Product Packaging
Cutting-edge technology

The biggest benefit of augmented reality for product packaging is the ability to recycle and reuse the same packaging design. Instead of redesigning product packaging, you can change or update the augmented reality experience. You can even create a “mini-series” that makes customers want to buy again to enjoy the next episode. The combination of technology and product packaging is often referred to as 'connected packaging'.

Capitalize on Augmented Reality Product Packaging

Aircards can help you attract more customers, tell your story, and increase sales. Our AR Product Packaging service can create 3D and 2D experiences for virtually any industry. You can track, monitor, and optimize your success with our in-built custom analytics dashboard. We can work with your existing design team or handle it in-house. Contact us today to launch your own AR campaign! 

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