Augmented Reality

AR Product Packaging

Web AR Product Packaging

Create a New Digital Channel

Product packaging is often just as important as the product itself. Brands can now integrate app-less AR within their product packaging design to increase product engagement and sales.

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Interactive Packaging
Give your customers an interactive Web AR experience with your product packaging, increasing brand engagement.
augmented reality product packaging
Attract More Customers
Command attention to your brand and product through an AR experience that consumers will go out of their way to try.
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Tell Your Story
Boost your brand narrative by giving customers an experiential marketing activation with Web AR product packaging.

Packaging that packs a punch

Use Augmented Reality to enhance the consumer experience.


Wide Range of Industries

From the food and drinks industry to beauty, electronics and decor. Web AR experiences can be used by almost every industry within their product packaging to enhance the consumer experience.

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3D & 2D Experiences

From 2D video tracked to the product itself, to 3D avatars and animations that spring to life from the packaging. You have the opportunity to add a layer of interactivity and fun to your product packaging that your competitors just don't have.


Track, monitor & optimize

Through our in-built custom analytics dashboard, you can see exactly how your customers are interacting with your product. With options to also re-target those customers through Google or paid social advertising, to boost repeat purchase.

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Our most common asked questions.

Can you apply AR to awkward shaped packaging?

Yes. We haven't yet run into product packaging that we couldn't integrate with our Web AR technology. If you're concerned, get in touch and provide an example of your product for us to run some quick tests on!

Can you help us with creative ideation?

Absolutely - our team are a very creative bunch and would love to work with your team to develop an exciting Web AR campaign concept.

We distribute millions of products. Can your system handle that kind of usage?

Yes, all experiences can be hosted on your internal servers or on the Aircards servers and we can handle as many users as you like. Million of products, and millions of users viewing your AR experience? No problem.

Can you work with our existing design team?

Yes. We're super flexible with how we work. We can assist your design team in creating the perfect image target or we can take that in-house - it's completely up to you.