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Aircards Launch An AR Campaign With Nationwide US, Insurance And Financial Services Company

December 19, 2019

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Dec. 19, 2019 -- Aircards announces today the launch of a campaign with US insurance and financial services company, Nationwide. Using Augmented Reality in an internal festive postcard, engage internal employees, stakeholders and partners, boost staff morale and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.  

Aircards created an engaging Augmented Reality experience that was embedded into a postcard, which Nationwide then distributed to their 34,000 employees all across the US. The unique design and personal holiday greetings from the staff is a new and innovative take on the traditional Christmas card; demonstrating why Nationwide is ranked in Fortune's ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. Something to leave a lasting memory and ultimately increase internal buy-in going into 2020.

“It is another incredible statement of our growth as a company that Nationwide chose Aircards for their Augmented Reality campaign.”

said Michael Watson,  Co-founder of Aircards.

“What we’ve created is an outstanding example of a personal and innovative WebAR campaign, ensuring that viewers don’t have to download an app to view the experience. Just like all of our campaigns, the viewer simply uses their smartphone to activate the experience in the mobile web browser.” 
“The Nationwide team were blown away by the experience. This was a company-wide first, to send an Augmented Reality piece of print marketing material to clients and partners. Delighted with this experience, the team are already in the planning stages of another Aircards AR campaign for 2020.”

You can watch the experience in-action below:

Aircards is a part of the Great North Digital Ltd brand, founded to deliver innovative and creative technology marketing campaigns to clients. Great North Digital Ltd is based out of Newcastle-upon-tyne, with a presence in New York City, and is a dynamic team of 8 people. Aircards has even more exciting campaigns with other large global brands in the pipeline that will be launched in the coming weeks, further demonstrating the appeal of Augmented Reality marketing. 

For any brands considering their own Augmented Reality marketing campaign, more information can be found at or if you'd like to start chatting to our team, email to start a conversation.