Aircards Launches Augmented Reality Campaign With Boot Barn, $1Billion US-based E-commerce Brand 

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Oct. 17, 2019 -- Aircards announces today the launch of a headline campaign with US e-commerce giant, Boot Barn. Using Augmented Reality in a Direct Mail campaign, it supports the roll-out of their new 'Bandits of the West' promotion with Wonderwest

Aircards created an engaging Augmented Reality experience that was embedded into a printed flyer, which Boot Barn then distributed to their extensive customer base alongside a special sale offer. This has proven to be an innovative customer engagement campaign for Boot Barn, a company that is valued at over $1.0B, has 1,200 employees and over 25 retail locations around the USA.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working with a brand like Boot Barn, who have such a strong position in the US marketplace.

Said Michael Watson, Head of Digital Advertising and founder of Aircards.

The Augmented Reality campaign we’ve collaborated on is an outstanding example of innovative customer engagement, and we’ve been super excited to see this go live to Boot Barn customers around the USA.” 

As is the case with all Aircards campaigns, WebAR technology was the foundation that ensures viewers never have to download an app to view the AR experience, the viewer simply uses their smartphone to activate the experience in the mobile web browser. 

To date, the campaign has had outstanding 40% click-through rates to the Boot Barn e-commerce website. Watch the experience in-action below:

Aircards is a part of the Great North Digital Ltd brand, founded to deliver innovative and creative technology marketing campaigns to client brands. Great North Digital Ltd is based out of Newcastle-upon-tyne, with a presence in New York City, and is a dynamic team of 8 people. Aircards has more exciting campaigns with other mainstream brands in the pipeline that will be launched in the coming weeks, further demonstrating the appeal of Augmented Reality marketing. 

For any brands considering their own Augmented Reality marketing campaign, more information can be found at or if you'd like to start chatting to our team, email to start a conversation.