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Aircards Launches Innovative 'Living' AR Business Cards

January 20, 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 20, 2020 -- As the 52nd edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has drawn to a close in Las Vegas, Nevada, AIRCARDS is excited to publicise online the first-look at their latest Augmented Reality product launch. 

At the CES event, Aircards officially launched their latest innovation - ‘Living’ AR business cards that seamlessly come to life and deliver a uniquely personal message. These business cards are available globally from Jan 2020 and are fully customisable, enabling brands to increase consumer engagement and demonstrate technical innovation.

'Living' AR business card variations customised to Aircards branding: 

Watch the video of the business cards in action at CES: 

The product launch generated significant interest during the course of the show, meaning that there is a limited initial roster of customers who can access this new innovation. For brands who are interested in joining the initial roster, they are encouraged to reach out at this page to find out more information. 

“Our ‘living’ AR business cards have generated a serious amount of interest at CES 2020, so much so that we’ve had to limit the initial roll-out of the product to a select number of companies. There are still limited spaces available on the initial roll-out, so anybody interested in having their own ‘living’ AR business card should reach out to us.”

said Michael Watson,  Co-founder of Aircards

“What we’ve created is an outstanding example of innovative WebAR marketing, ensuring that viewers don’t have to download an app to view the experience. These ‘living’ AR business cards combine also customisable personal information, such as LinkedIn, phone, email and others” 

During their CES press conference, Aircards shared further details about their approach to product design, AR market performance and global ambition, and highlighted their position as a leading end-to-end WebAR campaign, powered by the 8th Wall framework. 

For any companies considering who want to get their own AR business cards, reach out by clicking here or if you'd like to start chatting to our team, email to start a conversation.