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Alnwick Garden Launch Augmented Reality Brochure

March 17, 2020

Aircards have teamed up with the innovative and forward thinking team at Alnwick Garden to create an engaging Spring/Summer Augmented Reality brochure to distribute across the UK.

This app-less Augmented Reality leaflet was built using Web AR, meaning simply that the user does not have to download an app to view the experience, and is viewable with any standard iOS or Android device camera. The experience was developed by Aircards using the 8th Wall platform.

Augmented Reality Brochure In-Action

Inspired by Alnwick Garden’s breathtaking, picturesque scenery and position as a unique UK tourist attraction, the AR experience featured video of the stunning grounds. This created a both engaging & enticing experience that showcased what to expect when you arrive at Alnwick Garden. The experience featured a single Call-to-Action button to incentivise viewers to navigate to theAlnwick Garden’s website and book tickets online. 

Web AR Impact

Alnwick Augmented Reality Brochure
Beautiful Alnwick Gardens

Web-based Augmented Reality has the capacity to shake-up the world of standard, static print marketing, engaging consumers on a more personal level and offering a more seamless, digital approach to sharing information.

Lewis Collins, Head of Business Development said of the project, 

“The Aircards team were super excited to work with the wonderful team at Alnwick Garden. We were thrilled with the success of the development and scale at which this campaign has been deployed. Their team were a pleasure to work - we look forward to collaborating on future projects.”

We have a huge selection of other client examples, past and present showcased on our YouTube channel as well as a wide selection of Web AR case studies available.

Time for you to innovate?

Augmented Reality brochure print
Innovation: Augmented Reality Marketing

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