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Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas: Print Marketing

September 29, 2020

Augmented Reality print marketing receives several times the engagement rate of traditional print marketing. No matter how digitalized our world becomes, print marketing is still one of the most valuable marketing strategies. And that’s true now more than ever since you can merge traditional print marketing with digital information. 

5 Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas for Print Marketing

augmented reality print marketing

From direct mail to flyers, postcards, posters and everything in between, you can apply Augmented Reality to almost every type of print medium. There are lots of benefits of adding an AR experience to print marketing, including:

  • 40% engagement rate on average (compared to 3-7% for traditional print marketing)
  • Higher ROI (more engagement means more conversion)
  • Real-Time Augmented Reality Analytics 
  • Track & Retarget engaged users
  • and much more!

Here are 5 of the most popular AR print marketing ideas:

1. Postcard

Augmented Reality direct mail campaigns can be customized several different ways.  From digital links sprouting off the postcard to full-on videos appearing in place of the postcard, like the above video example. Boot Barn’s AR postcard received a 39.25% click-through rate, 50 second average dwell time, and significantly increased sales. 

2. Magazine Ads

augmented reality print marketing

In 2018, Time magazine asked Bill Gates to edit an entire issue on The Optimists. In true Bill Gates fashion, he added augmented reality features to the cover and within articles. Readers could simply point their device’s camera at the magazine cover or prompts within its pages to get behind-the-scenes videos and additional information. The issue was a huge success and marketers have been following suit ever since. And now with Web-AR, you don’t have to have a Bill Gates budget to do it. 

3. Brochures 

You can bring any brochure to life with Augmented Reality. Alnwick Garden turned their brochure into a flowing waterfall with aerial views to show people what they’re missing if they don’t visit. Jackson Hogg turned their recruitment brochure into a video introduction of their services with clickable contact information.

4. Stickers

augmented reality print marketing

Don’t underestimate stickers! Stickers are a flexible print marketing tool that can be added to envelopes, product packaging, posters, menus, and more! It’s an excellent way to elevate existing marketing materials. 

5. Business Cards

Are you worried your business cards immediately get tossed in the trash? Well, an Augmented Reality business card not only provides digital information, but people will want to show it off to others. So, the recipient gets your contact info in printed and digital form, and a fun thing to show their colleagues at lunch. One business card can lead to multiple viewings of potential clients!

Get More Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas

With Augmented Reality, the sky is the limit. Whether you’re looking for print marketing or other AR marketing services, Aircards can help. Contact us today for a free demo and a no-pressure discussion about how Augmented Reality can elevate your brand.

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