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Aircards Launch Headline AR Campaign With US Technology Giant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

November 4, 2019

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Nov. 4, 2019 -- Aircards announces today the launch of a headline Augmented Reality campaign with US technology giant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Using Augmented Reality in a Direct Mail campaign, it supports the launch of new enterprise software product HPE Primera. 

Aircards created an engaging Augmented Reality experience that was embedded into a printed flyer, which Hewlett Packard Enterprise then distributed to their extensive customer base. The unique design and innovative Call-to-Action buttons have driven strong customer engagement for HPE, a company that is valued at over $30.0B and has 60,000 employees in over 150 countries worldwide. Developed on the 8th Wall platform, hosted on AWS and in collaboration with Outbound.

The experience enables the user to choose one of three exotic worldwide locations in which to be transported through the power of AR. The Call-to-Action encourages the user to visit the new microsite for HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for Mission Critical Apps.

“It is another incredible statement of our growth as a company that Hewlett Packard Enterprise chose Aircards for the design of their Augmented Reality campaign.”

said Michael Watson,  Co-founder of Aircards.

“What we’ve created is an outstanding example of innovative WebAR marketing, ensuring that viewers don’t have to download an app to view the experience. Just like all of our campaigns, the viewer simply uses their smartphone to activate the experience in the mobile web browser.” 

The performance of the campaign so far has been extremely strong, with a CTR of over 30%. Given the success of this initial campaign with HPE, more use of AR marketing is currently in the pipeline.

You can watch the experience in-action below:

Aircards provide an end-to-end, managed cloud service for the creation, deployment, and real-time analysis of app-less Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. We enable brands and organisations to upgrade static print assets with augmented reality. Aircards is based out of Newcastle-upon-tyne, with a presence in New York City, and is a dynamic team of 8 people.

For any brands considering their own Augmented Reality marketing campaign, more information can be found at or if you'd like to start chatting to our team, email to start a conversation.