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Smyle Engages Aircards To Enhance Samsung Life Unstoppable Experience Using Web AR

September 11, 2020

Smyle Creative provided an impressive mix of talent to enable the seamless launch of Samsung’s virtual event. This included live Web-based Augmented Reality product demonstrations created by the experienced WebAR development team at Aircards, working in tandem with the Smyle team.

Rather than participating in the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, Samsung pivoted their latest product launches to virtual-only events. Samsung and their media partners worked together to deliver a truly unique and immersive livestreamed experience. Smyle used Epic’s Unreal Engine and pixel-streaming technology to build an innovative 3D virtual tour experience around a virtual house filled with the latest Samsung product releases.

Smyle engaged Aircards to develop the Web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR) elements of the event, which allowed the attendees to scan on-screen QR codes and activate 3D product demonstrations within their own environment. This enabled attendees to interact with Samsung’s latest and upcoming product range in real-time augmented reality, alongside the live-streamed event.

Featured products in the WebAR experience included the exciting Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable phone, Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, and Samsung Bespoke refrigerator.

3D Web AR Galaxy Fold2

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone was animated to unfold in front of the user and showcase the revolutionary folding screen and innovative hinge design.

3D Web AR Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

The demo for the Odyssey monitor also featured a custom 3D animation with visuals derived from PUBG, emerging seamlessly from the screen.

3D Web AR Bespoke Refrigerator Range

The fridge configuration experience allowed users to tap to customize the color, layout, and quantity of refrigerators which were augmented into their own space.

Aircards Head of WebAR, Adin Gold said:

“We were thrilled to work alongside our partners at Smyle Creative to add an exciting Web AR dimension to Samsung’s ‘Life Unstoppable’ live event. This flagship mixed-reality experience embodies a significant shift we’re seeing in the live-event and product visualization space, towards immersive extended-reality experiences. This new medium is substantially more accessible, interactive, and shareable than what can be achieved in-person.”

See the official Samsung Press Release article covering the event.

Aircards solely develop Web AR experiences on the 8th Wall platform. Why? 8th Wall are the leading Web AR framework with outstanding compatibility across iOS and Android devices as well as impressive AR stability. Combining Aircards design, development and marketing talent with the 8th Wall framework provides clients with an unparalleled service.

About Aircards: Market-leading provider of Web AR marketing campaigns and experiences, including recent high-profile launches with Samsung, Unilever, Dell Technologies, ABInBev and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aircards provides an end-to-end Web AR service - from ideation to development and cloud-hosting.

WebAR powered by 8th Wall, built by Aircards.