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Working with Aircards, LUSH provided their audience with the unique opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the world of the Snow Fairy this Holiday season.

Client | Lush

The LUSH “Snow Fairy” WebAR campaign featured three unique experiences; a personalised gifting flow; a Holiday-themed face filter and a fully immersive portal environment.

Cross-Channel Power

Leveraging the cross-channel power of Web-based Augmented Reality, the experience was distributed as both an in-store retail experience and across a variety of online channels. Each unique experience featured a connection to the next, delivering a fully immersive journey through snow-laden forests and into the enchanted world of the Snow Fairy.

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LUSH Headlines

LUSH made headlines this year for taking the decision to step back from major social media platforms. The immersive Snow Fairy experience provided an opportunity for digital brand engagement which isn’t reliant on social media. In collaboration with Aircards, the LUSH team showed considerable innovation in bringing the experience to life for their audience using WebAR.

Key features

Custom 3D Environments

Custom designed virtual environments which enabled users to step inside the Snow Fairy world

Interactive Touch Points

Positioned throughout the experience, interactive touch points enabled users to learn more about the product and take advantage of interactive feature

Performance statistics

Outstanding Click-through Rate:


Engaging Experience:

4 min+
avg time in experience