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Web-based Augmented Reality experience which allows students to 'Tap to Place' the interactive 3D careers fair in their own living room!

Unilever, Pot Noodle

Unilever-owned brand Pot Noodle tasked Aircards to create virtual alternative to their typical live event careers fair.

Engaging Students

Students were prompted to place the 3D careers fair scene within their own environment, transporting them into a fully interactive virtual experience where they can explore each employer booth and view an introduction video from the virtual TV screens.

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Cross-Platform Compatible

For students not using their mobile device, Aircards also created a desktop compatible version. The desktop version was the exact same scene, enabling users to use the directional arrows and mouse to explore the scene and interact with the employer booths.

Key features

Custom 3D Environment

Fully custom virtual careers fair environment which can be explored in AR

Content Management System

The virtual careers fair featured a custom CMS so that the employer content could be swapped easily and in real-time

Performance statistics

High Conversions:


Engaged Students:

6min 13s
avg time in experience