Pot Noodle

Unilever owned brand, Pot Noodle, approached Aircards to create a Web-based Augmented Reality careers fair for students as a replacement for their live event, after it was cancelled due to the coronavirus. The current COVID-19 situation has forced companies to drastically reassess their marketing strategies. Instead of shutting down operations, innovative companies like Unilever see the benefit in utlizing exciting technologies like Web AR to deliver immersive, brand-led experiences to consumers.

The Objective

To deliver a highly engaging and user-friendly Web AR virtual careers fair to students with a clear focus on student engagement and driving job applications.

The Strategy

To design and develop an entire careers fair scene using custom 3D design and to deploy the assets in a Web-based Augmented Reality environment. Working with Student Marketing Agency Raptor Marketing to promote the campaign across social media.

The ultimate goal for this Web AR campaign experience was to encourage students to apply for the available jobs from a range of different employers. Each employer had their own branded booth as well as a TV on their 3D table, enabling the brand to showcase a video which talks directly to the students.

The Results

  • Over 2,000 applications
  • 17K+ users
  • 2.4M reach
  • 8% conversion rate
  • +500% increase in job applications

What Unilever had to say:

"After having to cancel our on-campus alternative careers fair, we thought that executing an exceptional virtual experience to replace it would be tough in the 6-week timeframe - but working with Aircards was super slick and made the whole process so easy! The quality of the experience was seriously impressive, and we've had lots of positive feedback from students who tried it out. The experience has been praised internally, and we received more applications than ever before — a 500% increase!" - Connie Stovell, Assistant Brand Manager - Pot Noodle

What Raptor had to say:

"Aircards worked extremely efficiently in turning this project around in a short 6 weeks. Whenever amends were flagged, they were fast in making them and their friendly team always offered alternatives in the event of something not quite being right. The communication and response time throughout was brilliant. We plan on working with them again in future. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this campaign such a success" - Raptor

Aircards are delighted with the results of the campaign - a massive 500% increase in job applications when compared with previous events is outstanding to see. This is a brilliant demonstration of the highly engaging nature and effectiveness of running a Web-based Augmented Reality marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to drive similar results, get in touch with the Aircards team to start the conversation.