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Aircards Features

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Web AR Technology

Our Web AR tracking technology uses the smartphone camera to initiate and display Augmented Reality experiences in any mobile web browser.  Cloud-hosted content is edge-cached globally for rapid content delivery.

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Call-To-Action Buttons

The possibilities for engagement are limitless. Our CTA buttons can send pre-composed emails, initiate phone calls, navigate to webpages, send SMS messages, collect contact information and share social media posts.

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2D and 3D Content

2D Formats Supported
Standard MP4 Videos
Transparent Videos
Motion Graphics + VFX
3D Formats Supported
Static and Animated Models
Particle Simulations + VFX

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Analytics Dashboard

Each of your experiences comes with a marketing analytics dashboard, where you'll be able to track views, users, average time-on-page, and call-to-action button engagement. Data can be segmented by date range.

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With our technology, users can interact with your brand in many different ways. Want to show the user a new 3D model after the user has tapped the first one? ✓ Allow users to capture items on a scavenger hunt? ✓ Show a special "Claim Reward" button once a user has completed a challenge? ✓ You're covered.

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Image Target Tracking

Our tracking framework enables the augmentation of content onto flat or curved images, like business cards, billboards, floor decals, product packaging, bottles and cans. Any graphic or photo can act as an AR marker. QR codes or special markers are not required, and most existing graphics are Web-AR compatible.

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Location-Based Content

Augment unique depending on user location or on the location of physical signage. Each ad location within the same campaign can have unqiue, location-based AR content. Additionally, geo-fenced content and AR navigation can assist users find the engagement they're looking for.

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Realtime Content Swaps

Sometimes things need to change. Easily swap out the content within your AR experience at any time, even after it has been deployed. Reuse already-printed materials for more than one campaign, or update your video to showcase a new concept, with no down-time or user updates required.

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