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3 Cool Examples of 3D Augmented Reality Marketing

October 27, 2020

3D Augmented Reality marketing is elevating both 2D traditional and 2D AR marketing. By having your content literally pop off the page, 3D Augmented Reality gets an instant reaction and leaves a long-lasting impression on the user. It shows that your brand is innovative, forward-thinking, and creative.

Examples of 3D Augmented Reality Experiences

In the following examples, you’ll see how a simple business card turns into a Star Wars-like experience. How a promo card turns your surroundings into a butterfly atrium. And how the latest laptop is teleported into your office. 

Real Estate Business Card

What better way to show you’re better than the competition than with a jaw-dropping business card? At first, users think they’re getting yet another business card from yet another real estate agent. But then, with just a click, that business card is transformed into a 3D Augmented Reality video introduction! No one could argue that this agent is operating on the next level. 

This impactful effect isn’t limited to business cards. Your brand can have the same jaw-dropping effect with postcards, brochures, OOH, product packaging, and more! 

Healium App Promo

Simplicity at its finest! Healium relied on the beauty of nature to promote their app while portraying their brand image of serenity and comfort.  After launching the 3D Augmented Reality experience, users can’t help but smile at the butterflies fluttering around.  The butterflies even respond to moving and rotating the phone. 

Product Demonstration

In a world of online shopping, the main challenge is to sell your product without a customer being able to hold it, turn it around in their hands, or try it out. How many times have you thought, ‘If only they could see and interact with the product! Then, it’d be an easy sell!’ Well, that’s exactly what 3D Augmented Reality product demonstrations accomplish. 

From laptops to furniture to clothing, you can transport your products to your customers’ office or home. They can move the product around, zoom in, click on features, and more—you can design the product demonstration any way you’d like. Best of all, the 3D Augmented Reality experience leads to high conversion rates since customers are more confident in their purchase.

3D Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality turns every traditional form of marketing into experiential marketing. Customers can engage and interact with your brand from the comfort of their homes to across the globe. Whether you’re a local shop or an international corporation, you can capitalize on 3D Augmented Reality marketing. 

AR Case studies consistently show engagement rates exceeding 40%. That’s not a typo! Augmented Reality data analytics outperform traditional and other forms of digital marketing across the board. You can expect higher click rates, more time on page, and more conversions. Ultimately, you can expect more sales! 

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