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3D Animated WebAR Experience Launched for Healium

February 28, 2020

The fantastic team at Healium approached Aircards to create an animated 3D WebAR experience for the promotion of the Healium app, available on both iOS and Android app stores.

The AR experience featured a custom 3D animation of a group of butterflies that emerged from the Healium business card and appear to flutter within the viewers own physical environment using a combination of subtle image-tracking as well as non-image tracked functionality when the card is out of view.

The web-based Augmented Reality experience launches seamlessly from any iOS or Android device, bringing to life the beautiful butterfly in-flight display. The experience also features dual Call-to-Action buttons for the user to download the Healium app on either the Apple or Google Play stores. This WebAR experience will be used to drive increased customer engagement and more Healium app downloads.

What is Healium?

Healium describes their service as the drugless solution for burnout. It’s the world’s first virtual and augmented reality media channel powered by brainwaves and heart rate that visualizes the users’ stress levels. Healium uses Virtual Reality and augmented reality apps to train and reward your ability to calm yourself.

You can find out more at or download their app from the App Store or Play Store.

What is Web-based Augmented Reality?

WebAR enables users to experience Augmented Reality without the requirement for an app download. The AR simply takes place in the mobile web browser of any iOS or Android mobile device, significantly increasing the potential audience reach. The WebAR image tracking framework utilised was the current industry standard, 8th Wall.

Custom WebAR Development

If you're interested in your own Web-Based Augmented Reality experience, get in touch.