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Aircards Launches WebAR Experience For NFT Project Planet Mojo

May 26, 2022

Working with the team at Planet Mojo, Aircards created a fun and engaging WebAR experience to promote the Planet Mojo NFT project.

Arriving from the portal vortex, watch as the Moj-Seed sprouts the Mojo from the ground and spring to life in Augmented Reality! Mojos are individually unique magical, organic plant-based creatures, born from Planet Mojo to face a deadly threat. We were tasked to bring them to life in AR.

What is Planet Mojo all about?

Planet Mojo is described as a 'blockchain gaming metaverse'. Players will compete with their customized teams in a suite of E-Sports PvP and Play&Earn games set within a rich new alien planet. They state that their goal is to create a long term sustainable world and platform for the next generation of gamers.

Why Aircards were a perfect fit for this experience 

At Aircards, we harness web-based augmented reality (WebAR) and web-based virtual reality (WebVR) to create outstanding interactive experiences for our clients. As soon as we heard about the project, we jumped at the chance to work on this. Our team is constantly leading in the development of Web3 experiences for a variety of clients, typically at the convergence of WebXR, Blockchain, NFTs and Artificial Intelligence. 

Why WebAR was the right technology choice

Using WebAR ensured the maximum level of accessibility for this experience. As this is a mobile technology, users did not need to download an app to view. Compatible across smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android, and over 3+ billion devices globally, this meant the experience had a massive potential reach.

By creating a web-based solution with no app download required, it ensure an extremely low barrier to entry for consumers. We have curated a list of 5 of the most impressive Web AR experiences of 2022 within our 5 Mind-Blowing WebAR Examples blog, so if you'd like to see more - head on over and check it out! 

If you're a brand, organisation or agency looking to provide WebAR/VR experiences like our work here, get in touch and we can start the conversation.