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Augmented Reality in Tourism (Mid and Post-Pandemic)

February 16, 2021

The tourism industry was hit hard in 2020 and has since been trying to adapt and overcome. To stay connected and adjust to new public regulations, many in the industry turned to Augmented Reality. And now, as we see the light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel, the tourism industry is preparing for the flood gates to open, using AR to guide the waters their way!

WebAR Tourism

Value of Augmented Reality in Tourism 

Augmented Reality in tourism was already growing in popularity before the pandemic hit. Augmented Reality tourism had mainly been focused on elevating in-person experiences. Then, there has been a shift toward bringing experiences to visitors to entertain and entice them from their homes. The strategy behind this shift is to:

  • Stay connected to visitors from afar
  • Stay top-of-mind for things to do
  • Entice people to start planning a visit (and even save money for one!)
Augmented Reality In Tourism

These benefits will be valuable long after pandemic restrictions have been lifted, but they are particularly valuable as restrictions are lifting. As restrictions lift, people are going to excitedly start planning their release back into the social wild! The pandemic has kept a lot of people from traveling, but that presents a silver lining: People have been saving money by staying home and are becoming stir crazy! 

Money + Stir Crazy = Tourists!

So, even though there has been a lull (to put it mildly) in tourism, there will be a flood of tourism once the medical green light is given. A flood that is likely to soak the industry for years to come. After all, the pandemic has given people a whole new appreciation of family time and travel!

AR Tourism

Augmented Reality Advertising for Tourism

Tourism companies and institutions with enough foresight are turning to Augmented Reality advertising to point the stir-crazy tourists their way. Alnwick Gardens is a perfect example of taking a travel experience to potential visitors to attract future visits. 

As you can see in the above Augmented Reality video, Alnwick Garden gives visitors a taste of the gardens while cooped up in their homes. It begins with a peaceful swing in the Cherry Garden, then emits the sound of the waterfalls, and shows the gorgeous fountains. It’s a multi-sensory experience for potential visitors to see what they are missing while staying at home. 

By combining traditional print marketing with Augmented Reality advertising, Alnwick Garden is effectively engaging potential visitors and enticing them to become actual visitors. It is an excellent example of what tourism companies and institutions should be doing as people return to their normal lives and travels.

AR Tourism During Pandemic

Augmented Reality Ideas for your Tourism Business

Augmented Reality can connect you with visitors both in their home and in-person. In addition to advertising, you can bring experiences to them, as well as improve in-person experiences. Augmented Reality allows tourist destinations and attractions to offer:

  • in-home experiences 
  • real-time navigation 
  • interactive education 
  • guided tours 
  • gamified experiences
  • and much more! 
Pandemic Tourism

In our next article, we are going to give explanations and examples of each idea: Augmented Reality Ideas for Tourism

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