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Benefits of Augmented Reality for B2B Marketing

June 19, 2020

B2B companies are getting on board the augmented reality train, realizing its benefits go beyond a “cool factor” for customers. Now, B2B companies are innovating their sales presentations, product demos, and brand introductions with augmented reality. The technology is readily available to businesses of all sizes now, without the need for an app. It’s very effective and yes, it’s cool too. A great example of this is the experience built by Aircards for cloud-computing giant Nutanix.

Nutanix were unable to take part in their live event as planned, so instead decided to pivot their B2B marketing efforts to deliver a fully virtual trade show booth! This Web AR experience gave B2B audiences the ability to visit their booth, connect with the brand and engage with the different interactive touch points available.

Three Main Benefits of AR for B2B Marketing

The latest Web AR Technology uses a smartphone camera or tablet to display augmented reality experiences in a web browser. Meaning augmented reality is no longer limited to apps or special display equipment. Without those limitations, only the sky and your imagination are the limits.  There are lots of benefits of AR B2B marketing, but let’s focus on the main three. 

1. Dynamic Sales Presentation

ar b2b marketing
AR for BRB Marketing - Innovation with proven results

Say goodbye to boring brochures, flyers, and PowerPoint presentations. Instead of arming your salespeople with stagnant papers or dark-room presentations, arm them with an interactive experience. Their presentation strategy can switch from telling them about your brand and products to showing them. 

From brand familiarization to product introduction, augmented reality can bring it to life. Instead of showing a picture of your CEO, why not have her pop up in the room and introduce herself with a custom video? Instead of putting your product in the potential client’s hands, why not put it on them? For example, if you are trying to sell your brand of earrings to a shop, they can “wear” them without actually trying them on using virtual try-on AR technology. The possibilities are endless!

2. “Real Life” Look at Product Lines

Whether you’re selling microchips or refrigerators, you can layout your product line wherever you are. Clients can scroll through products, or feel like they are in a showroom. Best of all, they can zoom and click to get more information and interact with the products. But remember, the products aren’t just tiny pictures on a screen; it’s a 3-D interactive experience in the real space around you. 

A phenomenal example of this in-action is the Samsung Life Unstoppable event, with Web AR experiences developed and deployed by Aircards. The team created experiences to showcase Samsung's latest product innovations. Take a look at the Web AR product showcase below.

3. Customization Options

Let’s say your product can be customized to any brand. You can show them your product line with their logo and brand colors, without having to actually manufacture samples. And, without losing the 3-D effect! Instead of showing them 2-D custom mock-ups or real samples that might end up in the trash, show virtual 3-D samples that move and react to the augmented reality you’ve created.  That’s what AR can bring to B2B marketing.

Show Off with Your AR B2B Marketing

It never hurts to show off in the sales world, especially when you’re trying to lock in business clients. Competition is steeper in B2B marketing, and you need something that sets you apart. Augmented reality will set you apart. It’s informative, it’s effective, and it’s impressive. Not to mention, it’s fun!

And now, with Aircards’ app-less Web AR, it’s accessible. Get on board with AR B2B marketing before your competitors do. Contact Us today to discuss your options.

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