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Clear Teams Up with Footballco, Aircards & Mindshare to Celebrate Football 'Firsts' with Commemorative Football NFT

February 16, 2023

We're so proud to have worked on the 'Shirt of Firsts' experience! Football fans were able to watch history in the making with Clear’s first NFT as it formed in real-time in Clear’s virtual locker room, out of 22 inspiring football firsts during the World Cup. Those moments made up the ‘Shirt of Firsts’ jersey, with an interactive mosaic patch appearing as soon as football history was made on the pitch. From fearless feats to fancy footwork, record breakers to breakthrough players, as individuals and teams write themselves into the history books, their achievements will also be celebrated through the creation of a one-of-a-kind football shirt.

As part of its mission to inspire people to keep a clear head and have the confidence to be their best selves in the face of life's greatest challenges, Clear has teamed up with global football content and media business, Footballco, Aircards and Mindshare to capture history-making moments at the world's most watched football events. Football fans can watch history in the making with Clear's first NFT being formed, in real time, out of 22 inspiring football firsts.

Supported by Footballco's global football media brand GOAL, and utilising Stats Perform, Clear will celebrate 22 moments of football brilliance. These moments will make up the 'Shirt of Firsts' jersey, with an interactive mosaic patch appearing each time football history is made on the pitch. Fans can visit to watch the creation of these jerseys in real time.

After the final whistle has been blown the Shirt Of Firsts will live on through 22 physical shirts and exclusively minted NFTs.