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Dell Technologies Launches Augmented Reality Event Experience

May 19, 2020

With conferences cancelled worldwide due to the pandemic, Aircards used web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR) to create an immsersive 360 video portal experience for Dell Technologies in the Middle East. 

COVID-19 has been forcing the cancellation of conferences and expos globally, so innovative brands like Dell Technologies have looked to pivot quickly and use immersive technology to deliver an engaging experience for their audience. 

Thus in partnership with CXO Strategies (Dubai), Dell Technologies engaged the Aircards team to recreate what was supposed to be a physical experience room at an international conference, but now using Augmented Reality to deliver the experience to users at home. 

The Web AR in-home experience featured a 3D portal, which the user was prompted to ‘Tap-to-Place’ within their own environment. As the portal dynamically appears into view, the user is instructed to walk forward inside the portal entrance to view an immersive, 360 video view. 

The use of Web AR means that activation of the experience was achieved simply through the user tapping a link on their mobile device, though Dell chose also to distribute a series of printed postcards with a seamless QR code activation. Each of the three postcards featured a personal greeting video rendered in Augmented Reality, given by the Dell team leads in Egypt, the Gulf and KSA respectively. 

“We were delighted with the opportunity to work with the Dell Technologies team in the Middle East, with support from our Agency partner in Dubai, CXO Strategies. Dell are a highly innovative company and we created for them an immersive WebAR portal experience, to take the place of a physical conference experience that had been cancelled due to COVID-19.”

said Head of Digital Advertising, Michael Watson.

Given the current global situation, brands are now forced to think laterally when it comes to delivering an outstanding audience experience. Using web-based Augmented Reality to achieve this has some key benefits; chiefly that no app download is required for the user to view the immersive experience. All that the user requires is an iOS or Android mobile device and an internet connection - which is a significantly lower barrier to entry than app-based Augmented Reality has been traditionally known for. 

Dell Technologies Augmented Reality
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