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How Inline WebAR Helps SEO

August 12, 2021

How Inline WebAR Helps SEO

Augmented Reality is a creative, innovative method for brands to connect with new and existing customers. As complex 3D experiences, an AR campaign should be made as accessible as possible, to effectively widen its net.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the bait that draws them into your net. SEO makes your products and information easier to find for consumers searching online. To prioritize SEO and improve your website’s rankings means improved traffic. Thus, it increases how many people will see it in the short and long term. 

Taking steps to improve SEO can give your business a major boost, placing your content above the competitions’. 

First, What is Inline AR?

Inline AR is integrated within an existing webpage, “in line” with other existing content. 

This means that while a customer is accustomed to experiencing a product in two dimensions, Inline AR can make that product interact in three dimensions alongside other content. It takes a 2D site and adds 3D features.

For example, a furniture store’s website can virtually place that prospective furniture seamlessly into the user’s home This automatically and conveniently helps the customer visualize the items without even seeing them in-store. 

A makeup brand can activate the camera to show the customer’s face and virtually let them “try on” the product to help them shop easier from anywhere.

There are many advantages to using Inline AR on a company’s website showcasing products. For starters, since existing customers typically already visit a company’s website, Inline AR increases engagement and dwell time with their products through improved interactivity. It also delivers a “wow factor” that translates to better word of mouth and customer loyalty.

So How does Inline AR Help SEO?

For SEO to help a website move up the ranks, the algorithm looks to higher dwell times and engagement. The objective is to keep the website’s visitors browsing as long as possible, clicking on the various products. 

Standard Web AR would take the customer off-site to a separate experience on their browser. However, Inline AR keeps the customer on the parent site to improve the business’s SEO.

Also, if a business is looking to promote something specific, like the launch of a new product, Inline AR can boldly direct the customer’s attention to it.

Another way to help SEO is by making the website mobile-friendly. Inline AR, in many cases, uses a phone’s camera to conduct the experience, leading to increased traffic on mobile devices and improved SEO.

Blogs Benefit as Well as E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce has the most obvious applications for Inline WebAR. However, many different kinds of websites, including blogs, can benefit from Inline AR.

A blog’s bread and butter is being a high-ranked search result on a specific topic. So, Inline AR should be considered as one tool in the toolbox to bring eyeballs that stick around longer and interact. Written content on its own in a blog can be repetitive, but imagery such as an AR experience will make a blog a more premium, memorable visit. 

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Given the work put into developing AR, it luckily can be used multiple times. Every time the blogger writes a related article, they can use the Inline AR experience again and keep reaping the benefits. All of this leads to a more loyal readership and higher SEO rankings. 

For SEO, the hope is that an article or website can stay the most popular in search rankings for several years. If Inline AR drives this traffic, you can rest assured it will continue working as the years go by. Inline AR lives on that particular website for as long as you find it useful.

In Conclusion

If you have a website, blog, or e-commerce shop, incorporating Inline AR can significantly improve your SEO. The technology is designed to engage customers for lengthier periods of time, which keeps the brand more memorable, and makes it easier for new customers to find your business when searching for it.

Contact us today to hear how we can help your website’s SEO with a custom Inline AR experience.