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Lightship VPS for Web AR Game 'Toucan Play That Game!' Showcases Launch

September 21, 2022

Niantic has brought its visual positioning system (VPS) to the 8th Wall platform with Lightship VPS for Web, and we’re so proud to showcase our demo mini-game experience, Toucan Play That Game! The AR mini-game supports both single and two-player options and features a fun Toucan mascot as the headline game character.

Utilizing Lightship VPS for Web, Toucan Play That Game! is a coconut throwing mini-game that challenges users to knock down all of the targets as fast as possible. Hit them all to uncover the Toucan’s secret stash!

The location of the experience is in beautiful Hollywood Hills, which provides a perfect backdrop for this sunny, summer-style mini-game - with incredible Augmented Reality realism powered through VPS for the Web from Niantic & 8th Wall.

“Our team was so excited to participate in the Lightship VPS for Web beta program and have the opportunity to build out this demo using the 8th Wall platform. VPS enables us to place 3D content into the real-world using Augmented Reality with incredible positional accuracy. Michael Watson, COO, Aircards

For brands, it unlocks the ability to create highly immersive location-based AR experiences. Since VPS has been released for the Web, there is no app download required for the end user to engage with the content - meaning a super low barrier to entry.

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