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Market Insights on AR in Retail

December 8, 2020

A study conducted by Interactions Consumer Experience Marketing has provided insights about the impact of Augmented Reality in retail. With a survey of 1,062 shoppers, they discovered that Augmented Reality appealed to customers in many ways. The study looked into where shoppers want to shop, what they want to buy, and how much they are willing to pay—all of which were positively impacted by Augmented Reality.  

Augmented Reality Statistics in Retail

Let’s first look at the results of the study, and then we can discuss the impact it can have on a brand’s digital marketing strategy and e-commerce sites.


Here are the complete results of the survey participants’ responses:

  • 61% prefer to shop at stores that offer AR over those that don’t
  • 68% said they’d spend more time at a retailer if they could shop with AR
  • 40% would pay more for a product they could experience through AR
  • 72% had purchased items they had not planned on because of AR
  • 55% say AR makes shopping fun
  • 45% like that AR saves them time
  • 77% want to use AR to see product differences, like different colors or styles
  • 41% use AR to find out about special promotions and deals

Analyzing the AR Statistics of this Study

By categorizing the responses, it is easy to conclude that:

  • Customers are attracted to Augmented Reality and find value in the experience itself
  • Customers think Augmented Reality is fun and helpful
  • Customers are influenced by Augmented Reality when deciding where to shop
  • Customers are influenced by Augmented Reality when making purchase decisions
  • Customers think Augmented Reality improves their shopping experience

Perhaps the most surprising response is actually the lowest percentage on the list: 40% of respondents said they are willing to pay more for a product that they could experience through AR. Forty percent! That means 40% of respondents found real value in the Augmented Reality experience itself. Whether it improved buyer confidence, provided better product education, or was simply fun, AR increased the perceived value of a product. 

How to Apply these AR Market Insights to Your Brand

More and more companies are shifting their marketing weight toward digital marketing strategies. Online sales and ecommerce are continuously on the rise, bringing in sales 24/7 and with a farther reach than any brick-and-mortar could ever achieve. But brick-and-mortar stores still maintain one huge advantage for customer (and sales): the ability for customers to experience or try out the product they are interested in.  But now, with Web AR, they can do the same online. 

Before you think that your brand cannot afford Augmented Reality, you can think again due to Web AR. Web AR is an app-less technology that can be added to any existing ecommerce site. What was once only accessible to big brands with big budgets, can now be utilized by small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, Web AR can be used throughout your retail marketing strategy using any marketing medium you choose:

  • AR E-Commerce
  • AR Product Packaging
  • AR Out-of-Home Advertising
  • AR Print Marketing
  • AR Live Events & Conferences

Learn More

For a no-pressure discussion of how AR can elevate your digital marketing strategy, contact Aircards today. We’d be happy to show you how other brands have used AR to take their brand (and profits) to the next level, and see how we could do the same for yours.

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