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Nutanix Launches Immersive Virtual Event Space In Web-based Augmented Reality

August 4, 2020

New project release: Immersive virtual expo booth in Web AR for Cloud-Computing giant Nutanix which can be activated anywhere on the globe.

With their global events and conferences cancelled due to the pandemic, Nutanix teamed up with key Dubai-based partner CXO Strategies and Aircards to deliver an entirely virtual expo experience using web-based Augmented Reality. 

The experience featured a full-scale stand that users could place within their own environment and physically walk around to explore. Multiple interactive touch points were integrated into the scene, each featuring high production-value video content and associated 3D CTA buttons to learn more. 

Due to the cancellation of nearly all conferences and events for the foreseeable future, brands are increasingly searching for innovative ways to continue to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Using WebAR provides such an opportunity, enabling brands to take advantage of the powerful technology features which mean that users can access the 3D content without ever having to download an app, and with wide-ranging compatibility across both iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Forward-thinking organisations like Nutanix have moved quickly to deliver an immersive virtual alternative to your standard event experience. 

As with all Web AR experiences, the Nutanix virtual event can be activated via a variety of methods, including linking from social media, website or scanning a QR code that links directly to the Web AR page.

“It was a pleasure to work with Nutanix and our key partner in the Middle East, CXO Strategies, on this virtual event experience. All stakeholders were delighted with the final result which allows Nutanix to continue to engage their audience with high quality, immersive content in the absence of physical global event attendance. ,

said Head of Operations, Michael Watson.

For those unfamiliar with WebAR, the overriding unique feature is that no app download is required to view the Augmented Reality experience. It all simply takes place in the mobile web browser of any compatible iOS or Android device, significantly lowering the barrier to entry as compared to app-based AR experiences of the past. 

View the video demonstration of the Nutanix experience: 

This project was not the only recent virtual event experience that Aircards has delivered for a global IT giant - having previously worked with Dell Technologies to create a virtual event experience featuring an immersive 3D portal.

View the video demo of the WebAR experience for Dell Technologies:

With conferences and events worldwide cancelled due to the coronavirus, Augmented Reality offers an immersive alternative for forward thinking companies who want to continue to engage their audience at home. For more information, go to

About Aircards: Market-leading provider of WebAR marketing campaigns for Enterprise brands, including recent high-profile launches with Dell Technologies, Unilever (Pot Noodle) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aircards provides an end-to-end service - from ideation to development, hosting, and Web AR analytics. 

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