Top 5 Web AR Examples in 2020

Web AR is taking the internet by storm. Brands, organisations and marketers are all starting to look at Web-Based Augmented Reality technology and identify use-cases within their business. To help inspire your next Web AR marketing campaign, here is 5 Web AR examples done right.

Web AR 3D Experiences - Black and Decker

At number 1, we have this impressive 3D AR business card that incorporates a classic old-school Stanley ruler created in 3D from scratch by the Aircards dev team. The Web AR experience is activated by scanning a QR code on the back of the card, directing users to a unique URL. Once at the URL, users can point their phone at the business card to watch it spring to life.

Web-AR Activation Screen

This proof-of-concept experience developed for Stanley Black & Decker included floating buttons with click-throughs to social media and email. This could also be used alongside analytics tracking to monitor how many monthly clicks the card receives, and which buttons are most popular. Taking it even further, you could combine this with a re-marketing campaign to target potential customers that have scanned your card with either Google or social media ads... now that's impressive!

WebAR Cakes - Corporate Events

Web AR has now officially made it's way into edible experiences! UK-based company Print Cakes have teamed up with Aircards to develop app-less Augmented Reality cupcakes, which includes custom printed cakes designs!

Print Cakes make delicious fresh baked cupcakes with custom printed icing for use at corporate events. These can be customised with logo, branding or a design of your choosing. Working with Aircards, they now offer clients the ability to purchase custom branded cupcakes with in-built Augmented Reality experiences. These are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and a super unique use of Web AR technology.

Web AR examples
Web AR used within cupcake icing

Attendees can activate the Augmented Reality experience with either the iOS or Android native camera app. Web AR event cakes are just another example of the innovation that is bursting out of the Augmented Reality industry. See the cakes in-action below.

Web AR in Wedding Cards

This is a great example of consumers using a WebAR experience to celebrate the happiest day of their lives. That's right, Web AR isn't just restricted to use by business. This is a clear use-case for a consumer market - now all we need is a platform for consumers to access to purchase their own instead of going through agency development. Maybe something is coming soon from Aircards? That's all we can say for now!

Taking a selection of their favourite photos and videos to create a beautiful memento of their perfect day, take a look at the experience.

Web AR for Direct Mail

One of our favourite Web AR examples is this Augmented Reality direct mail campaign launched by Hewlett Packard. HPE launched an AR Direct Mail campaign to existing customers for the promotion of their software product launch, HPE Primera.

Best web ar examples in 2020
HPE Primera AR Promotion

HPE sent a beautifully designed flyer to existing customers, which included an Aircards Web AR activation QR code. Once scanned, customers could point their phone at the printed material to activate the Image Tracked AR video which was tracked to the flyer itself. Teleporting users to a location of their choosing, either a woodland scene, a mountain range or a beautiful beach. You can see the full HPE Web AR experience below.

Web AR for Promo

Nationwide Insurance worked with Aircards to create a Web AR Christmas card to share a positive message and 'wow' their existing customers with something a little more unique than your standard printed postcard. Nationwide are constantly on the forefront of innovation and this is just another brilliant example of the brilliant forward-thinkers in their organisation.

Web AR example for promo
Nationwide Christmas card viewable in Web-based Augmented Reality

What is next for Web AR?

The use of Web-based Augmented Reality will surge in 2020 within a range of industries. Marketing is an industry which will see the highest growth, given that the previous hurdle of users required to download an app has been removed. Increased use-experience gives marketers the chance to capitalize on super high engagement rates and equally as high CTR's.

If you're looking at these brilliant Web AR examples because you're interested in Augmented Reality for your organisation, you're in the right place. Check out our Web AR technology features, or contact us to get started.