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Verizon Media’s 5G Holiday Market WebAR Portal

February 17, 2021

The year of 2020 has shown the world that connectivity is more important now than it’s ever been. For the holiday season, Verizon Media launched a commerce campaign, “30 Days of Savings,” in conjunction with Walmart, which showcased a new holiday promotion across its unified commerce content platforms throughout November and December.

One big part of that campaign was the 5G Holiday market, an immersive shopping experience developed by Aircards, the WebAR agency, in collaboration with Bajibot. 

Enhanced through Verizon’s 5G network, the experience used web-based augmented reality to allow users to open a virtual WebAR portal into the 5G Holiday market. Once inside the store, users are immersed inside a full Holiday themed environment, with snow falling and 3D holiday decorations around the room, including Christmas trees, presents and even a fully animated train track. 

Verizon WebAR Experience

Users could explore and interact (tap, spin, rotate, open hotspots) with a range of products on offer, featuring unique promotions and ‘Purchase Now’ buttons for seamlessly linking users to the relevant product page for instant purchase.

Another innovative feature integrated within the 5G Holiday Market was product gifting, giving users the opportunity to spread holiday cheer by sending a virtual WebAR gift, or sending a greeting to a loved one with the festive face filter. 

5G Augmented Reality Face Filter

The Verizon 5G Holiday Market was an impressive experience which hosted both a 4G and 5G portal to ensure users landed in an experience which was optimised for their connection type. The 5G version of the experience featured additional features and functionality, unlocked through the power of 5G. Verizon’s own 5G Ultra Wideband network offers potential download speeds up to 25 times faster than the 4G networks.

The 5G Holiday Market delighted users while showing them the true potential of 5G as it begins to roll out nationwide.

As we move further into 2021, we're seeing an ever-increasing demand from brands to deliver immersive and engaging shopping experiences just like this. If you're a brand, organisation or agency looking to provide WebAR/VR experiences like our work here on the 5G Holiday Market, get in touch and we can scope out your needs.