What is Mobile Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality has become a buzzword these days and the business world has listened, shifting their focus to this technology. This is because mobile augmented reality has a high potential for business growth.

But first we should cover the basics… 

So what's it all about?

Mobile Augmented Reality is the use of Augmented Reality, typically on a smartphone device. Augmented Reality for iOS or Android devices that works seamlessly with the existing hardware. Back in the 'days of old' we have been restricted to clunky and poor UX, but Aircards has changed all that.

Aircards utilises mobile devices powerful processing power to enable AR experiences to launch and operate super-smoothly. Aircards AR experiences are always app-less.

mobile augmented reality on smarphone

What is App-less Mobile Augmented Reality?

App-less means no application required. To view Aircards Augmented Reality experiences all you need to do is take your iOS or Android device, open the camera, point and shoot. You don't need to navigate to the app store to awkwardly download a strange 3rd party app just view. 

What Makes Mobile Augmented Reality So Powerful For Brands?

Mobile Augmented Reality for brands, marketers and entrepreneurs is a game-changer. If you're looking to use Augmented Reality to help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace, the only way to do this is to use mobile augmented reality. Why? Look at this example.

Brand: Hey! Want to see this AR experience?
Potential customer: Sure! What do I need to do?
Brand: Head over to the app store and...
Potential customer: Ok bye.

See how it completely kills the user experience? Instead. Look at this new example, using Aircards Augmented Reality technology.

Brand: Hey! Want to see this super cool AR experience?
Potential customer: Sure! What do I need to do?
Brand: Point your camera at this..
Potential customer: OMG, this is awesome. Take my money!

See the difference? Ok, so we dramatised the situation but it's true. Give your customers an amazing experience without barriers.

mobile augmented reality demo

What Can Augmented Reality Do For My Business?

The possibilities are endless for mobile augmented reality for business. Do you want to showcase a product in the customers own home? Or would you like to communicate your brand message and impress the customer? Augmented Reality within mobile is the way to do just that. We love new ideas, whatever you have in mind, get in touch and our team will make it happen. 

Augmented Reality Advertising on Smartphone

Who uses mobile augmented reality?

Statistics show the number of mobile augmented reality users are constantly growing. In addition to the number of Pokémon Go players and other games made with AR innovation, it is clearly evident where the expansion of this technology is going, with mobile augmented reality potentially being in every person's pocket. 

With the result of more potential and current growing levels of mobile augmented reality users, businesses will have to keep up and implement mobile augmented reality technology or be left behind. 

augmented reality for mobile

Will mobile augmented reality be implemented in social media platforms? 

Mobile augmented reality is impacting social media platforms. As it stands many social media platforms are wanting to incorporate augmented reality into their platforms. 

It seems as though augmented reality is taking over the most popular social media platforms in the world, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to name a few. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has spoken about his thoughts on augmented reality and referred to augmented reality as the next trending technology platform. With Snapchat, you can turn yourself into a 3D Bitmojo and put yourself into the real world. 

For marketing, Snapchat has recently released several features called Shoppable augmented reality, allowing brands to promote their websites and letting the customer try out brands products before they buy. 

This is surely indicating that augmented reality will greatly impact businesses marketing strategies for the future and brands and marketers are trying to find the solutions for if they want to be ahead of the game and boost their sales. 

augmented reality mobile

Ways Mobile Augmented Reality Can Be Used In Marketing Strategies

There are several ways in which brands and marketing agencies are able to promote themselves and their services in a new, innovative, unique and engaging ways:  

Mobile Augmented Reality Stores On Social Media

Customers can already buy products through social media platforms, but with mobile augmented reality, the experience could be even more engaging and exciting. No longer will customers have to visit a brand’s physical shop anymore, they will be able to step into a mobile augmented reality virtual shop, try on products and purchase them directly online. 

Mobile Augmented Reality And Live Events

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could attend an event from the comfort of your own home? Or play a mobile augmented reality game with other users? One example of where an organisation is already implemented this technology is the PGA Tour, fans were able to download an augmented reality app and start playing along with the event. All they needed was a phone and a flat surface. 

Mobile Augmented Reality Videos

Brands are also able to start and have more meaningful engagement with their audiences with creating interactive mobile augmented reality videos. There are many ways that businesses can use videos to showcase customers products and how to use them or services and what to expect. 

More Brand Awareness

An excellent piece of mobile augmented reality is highly shareable. By creating enticing mobile augmented reality for a wide audience the viewing will want to share it with others, which is fantastic news for brands and marketers as it basically works as word-of-mouth and user generated content.

Mobile Augmented Reality Business Cards 

Here at Aircards we take physical business cards and animate content using augmented reality to display video content, clear call-to-action buttons and optional links to social media, website or even email, Facetime... the list goes on. As you move the card in your hand, the video content is tracked to the card itself. 

Due to the fact standard physical cards have limited space available to display information, Aircards provide an easy, beautiful and super cool way of expanding the information you can convey to your contacts.

Aircards mobile augmented reality
Is Mobile Augmented Reality The Future of Marketing? 

Considering how much our mobile phones are part of our lives and the growing use of mobile augmented reality, the answer feels very obvious. Mobile augmented reality is going to continue playing a huge role in our everyday lives, including of course, social media. 

Mobile augmented reality is a creative and innovative way of connecting with your current customers, potential customers and a wider audience. Many businesses are starting to implement mobile augmented reality into their marketing strategies to improve communications with potential customers.  

By using mobile augmented reality it enables the creation of three dimensional thinking whereby the user doesn’t just see the ad, but lets the user to part of it and experience AR in the world around them. This allows for a more in depth and detailed advertisement due to AR having such a high resolution. This is why mobile augmented reality is going to dominate the future of marketing. 

mobile augmented reality social media

Final Thoughts

So, here at Aircards we know and hope you do too after reading this blog, the important ways that augmented reality, specifically mobile augmented reality is going to impact businesses and their marketing strategies. 

We believe that it certainly has the ability to change the future of technology as we know it. Already mobile augmented reality has made great strides in modern technology from marketing and social platforms to games. 

Consequently, we are seeing everything from start up businesses to technology giants taking the initiative and incorporating mobile augmented reality to their arsenal of technologies.  

Aircards predict that the future of mobile augmented reality is bright and lucrative for the businesses that take the leap and start using mobile augmented reality and really elevate their business.

How to get started

In true Aircards fashion, we've made it super simple. Head over to the business cards page and order your very own augmented reality business cards. Provide your desired video that you'd like to play inside your experience, your chosen links, standard business card contact information and you're good to go!

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