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To promote the launch of the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster film, Dune, create your own custom Dune avatar in this cross-platform avatar experience.

Yahoo, Warner Bros

Aircards developed an innovative cross-platform avatar experience that enabled users to create their own custom 3D Dune avatars in partnership with Yahoo Creative Studios, Ready Player Me, Ringtail Studios and powered by 8th Wall.

Custom Avatar Creation

Users could create an avatar from a selfie or customise their own entirely from scratch, choosing from a variety of custom designed Dune character outfits.

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Cross-Platform Compatible

Once created, the custom avatar can be viewed in Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) - or downloaded and used cross-platform in hundreds of compatible games and environments.

Key features

Custom Avatar Integration

Design and create your own custom avatar, either using a selfie photo or entirely from scratch

Social Sharing

Users could generate a high quality render of their avatar to share on social media

Performance statistics

Shareable Moments

Avatars downloaded

Highly Engaging

3 min+
avg time in experience