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The Haribo Happiness Hunt was a super fun AR-powered scavenger hunt which tasked families and kids to discover and collect a range of 3D Haribo sweets hidden around the Augmented Reality scene!


Working with 160/90, Aircards designed and developed this Easter theme WebAR powered scavenger hunt as part of the Happiness Hunt campaign.

Engaging Gameplay

Each of the Haribo sweets were hidden strategically behind 3D bushes and trees which users had to walk around to discover, and tap to collect all to complete the hunt.

No items found.

Viral Campaign

Users who completed the scavenger hunt were given the opportunity to enter a Haribo competition by sharing their score to their Instagram Stories using the automatically generated sharing image.

Key features

Experience Anywhere

This scavenger hunt was designed so that it could be experienced anywhere. Removing any geographical barriers, users could tap-to-place the scavenger hunt game area in any clear and open space and instantly start playing.

Social Sharing

Using a social share mechanic, users were encouraged to share their score to social media to enter with a chance to win unique prizes.

Performance statistics

Dwell Time

1m 35s
avg experience dwell time

Click-Through Rate