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With their student focused in-person ‘StreetFest!’ event cancelled due to the pandemic, Simon Fraser University (SFU) collaborated with Aircards to deliver a highly innovative virtual replacement.

Mark McLaughlin, CSO, SFU

"With much of our community working and studying remotely, many are struggling with isolation, stress, and anxiety. The platform that Aircards provided for our university allowed us a rare opportunity to strengthen valuable social connections and connect with our community during these unprecedented times."


The virtual StreetFest! was an impressive multi-platform Mixed Reality experience; all entirely web-based, meaning that no app download was required to access the event. It featured both WebVR and WebAR features, giving SFU students and community members the opportunity to connect in real time in a variety of interactive, digital spaces.

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Digital Twins

As part of the Hubs module, Aircards custom created two virtual spaces which were 3D digital twins of real-life, on-campus locations at SFU - including the iconic ‘Academic Quadrangle’. Students were able to join these Hubs spaces together in real-time, featuring a variety of virtual communication tools, including voice and text chat, media sharing and custom avatars.

Key features

Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality event gave students the ability to join virtual spaces using desktop, mobile or VR headset, with simultaneous interaction across all devices.

Highly Engaging

The virtual StreetFest! was a success, driving significant student and community engagement across a two-day event period.

Performance statistics

Dwell Time

3m 53s
avg dwell time inside experience


students engaged