5 Augmented Reality Trends of 2020

The awareness and use of Augmented Reality is growing with significant pace and completely changing the user’s perception of reality. This futuristic technology offers an interactive experience which combines both the real world with a virtual one made up of perfectly incorporated computer generated graphics. 

As Augmented Reality technology advances and develops, it is expected to be one of the fastest growing trends in 2020 for both marketers and companies as it grows with extreme popularity. So much so that AR has marked its presence globally by being utilised by elite companies such as Google and Apple and being used in everyday life by those with smartphones. It comes as no surprise that it is predicted that the global AR market is expected to be valued at around $198 billion by the year 2025. Below are 5 technology trends of Augmented Reality that will grow in 2020.

augmented reality trends 2020

Augmented Reality Navigation Solutions

Google maps have been used for a long time now, however, with new developments in AR technology, AR is now being used for indoor navigation. New indoor AR experience are helping users to navigate within buildings finding exactly where they need to be. This use of AR can be seen predominantly in facilities such as hospitals, airports and shopping centres. The biggest example of this is in Gatwick Airport, which has created and deployed it’s smartphone solutions which assists their customers to get to their gates and terminals in time according to their flight number. With the help of AR, this form of virtual assistant provides a personalised experience. 

augmented reality trends 2020

Augmented Reality And Artificial Intelligence 

Many industries are utilising AR, creating more potential for innovative advancements. This is becoming inline with the growing AI and machine learning which is providing more personal results. When AR is combined with AI and machine learning it can promote the creation of new potential sources of business. These two innovative technologies marry well, providing a perfect blend of developing how industries work and bringing new and innovative technology in line with business. 

augmented reality trends 2020

Augmented Reality Providing Business Driven Solutions

AR is already having an incredibly positive impact across various industries. AR is providing learning and development solutions in what can be a rapidly changing business environment. Many leaders in business are using AR to increase and improve productivity as well as operational efficiency. By implementing advanced solutions it is changing the way in which business is done. 

augmented reality trends 2020

Industry Focused Augmented Reality

As AR grows with technology developments,  it is becoming transferable to different industries, bringing creativity and a refreshing new approach to some sectors. It also greatly contributes to an improved customer experience and provides an engaging experience for the user. Another benefit that AR has had to different industries is it can increase brand awareness while maximising potential and results. No longer is AR only appropriate for gaming solutions but it is now being utilised in industries such as healthcare, by providing a better sense of imagery for training through to retail boosting online sales and engagement. Many companies are offering AR combined with direct mail and print, creating engaging and proactive marketing campaigns for the user. 

augmented reality trends 2020
Augmented Reality For Shopping 

Companies are utilising AR technology for retail, with most people having a smartphone in their pocket, able to access AR experiences, makes perfect sense for companies to develop AR for their customers to access. Many companies are providing creative and innovative solutions to provide their customers with a more meaningful shopping experience. Companies such as IKEA and Topshop have already created these unique experiences and are reaping the rewards of jumping onto the AR trend. 

Augmented Reality in 2020 is already getting worldwide recognition and is enabling and empowering all industries with the power of AR and innovative solutions. This is expanding industry capabilities while offering the potential for industry growth, setting new dimensions in the market and improving industry gains. 

Augmented Reality has captured attention worldwide and companies are changing their organisations to adopt this new technology in their industry, setting their companies above their competitors and enhancing the overall market experience. 

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